Afe [news archive 2008]

December 2, 2008

18 new Afe releases are out now!
Here they are at last, 18 new Afe releases are out now for your listening pleasure! The Afe website is being massively updated right now and you will be able to read complete information about each album very soon. In the meantime, here's the complete list of the new entries in our ever-growing catalogue, check the mp3 previews and reach the mail-order page if you wish:

- afe101cd  Amon vs. Mortar "Amon vs. Mortar"  [Dark Ambient]

- afe102lcd  John Hudak "Miss Dove, Mr. Dove"  [Experimental / Avantgarde]

- afe105lcd  Maurizio Bianchi/M.B. & Maor Appelbaum "Innervation"  [Industrial / Noise]

- afe106lcd  Brian Lavelle "Ustrina"  [Experimental / Ambient]

- afe107lcd  Daniele Brusaschetto & Benny Braaten "Db9"  [Experimental / Industrial / Noise]

- afe108lcd  Subinterior "Mesmerize"  [Dark Ambient]

- afe109lcd  Tiziano Milani "Im Innersten"  [Electroacoustic / Experimental]

- afe110lcd  Cisfinitum "Nevmenosis"  [Metaphysical Ambient / Experimental]

- afe111lcd  Ascanio Borga "Xenomorphic"  [Experimental / Ambient]

- afe112lcd  Mirko Uhlig "Supper"  [Experimental / Minimal Ambient / Drone Music]

- afe113lcd  Genetic Transmission "Spiral"  [Experimental / Industrial / Noise]

- afe114lcd  Ur + Craig Hilton "I Will Be the Light"  [Industrial]

- afe115lcd  Horchata "Acytota"  [Minimal Ambient / Experimental / Glitch]

- afe116lcd  Gydja "Helchemy"  [Dark Ambient / Experimental]

- afe117lcd  Alistair Crosbie "Musicforshipwrecks"  [Ambient / Drone Music]

- afe118lcd  Fhievel "Pipe Smoking On a Balloon"  [Minimal Ambient / Experimental]

- afe119lcd  Olyvetty "Nostalgya Canaglya"  [Noise]

- afe120mcd  Andrea Marutti / Tommaso Cosco "Turra"  [Ambient / Dark Ambient / Drone Music]

October 31, 2008

New reviews (22)
As we're giving the final touch to the forthcoming bunch of new Afe goodies, here's a few more reviews about some of yesteryear's releases:
Andrew Duke "From the Deep End" on Musique Machine
Logoplasm "Testa piena d'orche" on Connexion Bizarre
The Impossible Flower "Anthophobia" on Musique Machine
Mathieu Ruhlmann "The Earth Grows In Each of Us" on Connexion Bizarre

September 25, 2008

Forthcoming Afe releases
Here we are at last, a new bunch of exciting new Afe releases is going to be unleashed very soon! All masters and artworks are finished, mp3 files from each of the forthcoming discs are now available for your listening pleasure, please help yourself!

August 5, 2008

Afe summer sale!!!
Can you guess it
? As usual, when August comes, Afe is about to enter stand-by mode and won't be operative until early September.

At this particular time of the year it's our pleasure to
give our Afecionados the chance of buying many items from the Afe catalogue at a very special price: choose five titles among the following items and get them shipped by registered air-mail to your door in September for 40,00 EUR!!!

afe014rcd  Never Known "Once in a Lifetime [Remastered Edition]"  [Ambient]

afe030lcd  A.A.V.V. "No Abiding Places"  [Dark Ambient]

- afe032lcd  True Colour of Blood "The Significance of Secrecy"  [Ambient / Dark Ambient]

afe040cd  Kabal "Alone"  [New Electronica]

- afe041
lcd  Nat Evans "Post Modern Sound Images"  [Ambient / Avantgarde]

- afe043lcd  Nimh "Frozen"  [Ambient / Experimental

- afe044lcd  Moan "Between/Associated"  [Ambient / Experimental]

- afe046lcd  Telepherique "Hörspiele"  [Experimental]

- afe050lcd  aal "Disc 1 + Inherited and Partially Transmitted"  [Deep Space/Inner Space Soundtracks]

afe054cd  Raffaele Serra "Le spectre de la rose"  [Avantgarde]

afe056lcd  Luca Sigurtà "La vera macchina d'argento"  [Avantgarde]

afe059cd  Telepherique + Maurizio Bianchi "Zehn Tage (Touka)"  [Experimental]

afe060lcd  Sparkle in Grey / A.A.V.V. "The Echoes of Thiiings / Fadiiing Echoes"  [Ambient-Electronica / Experimental]

afe063lcd  The Impossible Flower "Roots and Fruits"  [Post-Everything]

afe064lcd  The Impossible Flower "Anthophobia"  [IDM / Drill'n'Bass]

afe065lcd  Snotra "All Done By John"  [IDM / Weird Electronica]

afe066lcd  Ornament "Unicorn Lullaby"  [Industrial Ambient]

afe071mcd  Anofele + Logoplasm "Gravescapes"  [Experimental]

- afe073lcd  Ninth Desert "Different Trouble Experiences of Twilight"  [Ambient / Dark Ambient]

- afe075lcd  Sam & Valley "Stupid Love or Smart Laugh"  [Unsuitable Rock / Electro-Pop]

- afe076lcd  Non Ethos "Syk Asfalt"  [Electroacoustic / Experimental / Dark Ambient]

- afe079cd  Leeza "Plasmic"  [Electronica / IDM]

- afe081lcd  Two Dead Bodies "Reflect"  [Experimental / Extreme / Tribal-Noise Rock]

- afe082lcd  Sidra "A Swampadelic Blessing of Downtown SF (The Official Bootleg)"  [Post-Noise Guitar Grooves / Desktop Jazz]

- afe083lcd  Ur "Triadic Memories"  [Industrial]

- afe084lcd  Steve Brand "Awakensong"  [Ritual / Tribal / Ambient]

- afe085lcd  Dronæment "Ezoterick Muzick"  [Ambient / Experimental]

- afe086mcd  The Infant Cycle / UPhold "Our Past Present (Now Then)"  [Experimental]

- afe087cd  a034 "Chemical Nature"  [Ambient-Electronica / IDM / Drill'n'Bass]

- afe088mcd  Fhievel "Preghiera per una stella"  [Experimental]

- afe089lcd  Edward Ruchalski "Territorial Objects"  [Experimental]

afe090lcd  Edward Ruchalski "Dark Night"  [Experimental]

afe091lcd  Cordell Klier "Measure Here and Be Now"  [Ambient / Minimal / Lowercase]

afe092lcd  Cría Cuervos "Vor Feuerschlünden"  [Electroacoustic / Experimental]

afe093cd  Bestia Centauri "Teratogenesis"  [Avantgarde / Experimental]

afe094lcd  Steve Brand "Looking Into the Other"  [Ritual / Tribal / Ambient]

afe095lcd  Andrew Duke "From the Deep End"  [Minimal Electronica / Glitch / Experimental]

afe096lcd  Horchata "Coleoid"  [Ambient / Dark Ambient]

afe097lcd  Mathieu Ruhlmann "The Earth Grows in Each of Us"  [Electroacoustic / Experimental]

afe098lcd  Pholde "Aperture of the Internal Surface"  [Dark Ambient / Sound Art / Experimental]

afe100cd  Logoplasm "Testa piena d'orche"  [Electroacoustic / Experimental]

afe103lcd  Mark Hamn "Je déchire l'ongle aux criminels"  [Post-Everything / Electroacoustic / Glitch]

afe104cd  Never Known "Live at the Cosmic Egg, 10.06.2000"  [Ambient]

- afe50008  Rensek "Rensek EP"  [
Minimal / Microscopic Explorations]

afe50014  Madame P & The Afeman "April's Fool"  [Experimental / Noise]

afe50015  Spiral "Minimum Effort / Maximum Result"  [Experimental / Minimal]

afe50016  The Afeman vs. Madame P "Journey Through the Shadow of the Sun"  [Ambient / Drone Music]

afe50017  Punck "Aube noire"  [Avantgarde]

afe50018  Der Einzige "Early Poor Loops For Krishna"  [Industrial / Noise]

This offer ends on August 31st. All orders received will be shipped in early September by registered air-mail.

To order please specify which titles you wish to buy and send a PayPal payment to:

We wish you a wonderful summertime!

August 4, 2008

New reviews (21)
Here's a few more reviews about the latest Afe releases:
Edward Ruchalski "Dark Night" on
Mark Hamn "Je déchire l'ongle aux criminels" on Connexion Bizarre
Ninth Desert "Different Trouble Experiences of Twilight" on Connexion Bizarre
Mathieu Ruhlmann "The Earth Grows In Each of Us" on Earlabs

July 18, 2008

Forthcoming Afe releases
Before we enjoy our summer break, it's time to spend a few words about some of the many forthcoming Afe releases that will be out in late October 2008. You'll be treated with the following

- an Amon vs. Mortar full-lenght disc based on the tracks originally published by Oktagön in January 2000 on the "From the Graves" vinyl album. The disc will also include two extra tracks that didn't appear on the Oktagön release;

- a new full-lenght experimental work by acclaimed american sound artist John Hudak that include a one hour long composition based on field-recordings of doves;

- the newest chapter of the collaboration between italian maestro Maurizio Bianchi and israeli veteran producer and multi-instrumentalist musician Maor Appelbaum;

- the return on Afe of Brian Lavelle with "Ustrina" a new experimental unreleased work that follows his recent releases on Diophantine Discs, Taâlem and EE Tapes;

- a noisy collaboration between italian underground guitarist / songwriter Daniele Brusaschetto and norwegian experimentalist Benny Braaten, better known as Origami Galaktika;

- the latest full-lenght work by italian dark-ambient act Subinterior (also of Konau and Canaan fame), which follows his acclaimed "The Chrysalis Secret", also released by Afe in 2006;

- the fourth album by extraordinaire acoustic architect Tiziano Milani, a very particular work partly recorded in a reverberating room;

- "Nevmenosis", a collection of both released and unreleased ambient / experimental tracks by russian musician and composer Evgeny Voronovsky a.k.a. Cisfinitum;

- the first "official" release by italian guitarist / electronic musician Ascanio Borga, which comes after many self-released titles to showcase the many sides of his talent;

- a new work by german young experimentalist Mirko Uhlig, which was once active as Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf and who recently had releases on Nextera, Mystery Sea and Field Muzick;

- an industrial / noise new album by Tomasz Twardawa a.k.a. Genetic Transmission, a living legend of the underground industrial scene in Poland;

- a collaboration between the well-known italian industrialists Ur (...we also released their debut "Triadic Memories" in 2006...) and american musician / sound designer Craig Hilton;

- the newest minimal ambient / experimental / glitch work by Horchata, which is quite different from his previous "Coleoid", also released by Afe in 2007;

- a new album by brilliant New Zealand sound sculptress Abby Helasdottir best known as Gydja, quite a magickal listening experience;

- a sombre but effective album of ambient / drone music by scottish musician / guitarist Alistair Crosbie, which has been active at least for fifteen years in the local scene;

- the reissue of "Pipe Smoking On a Balloon", the latest full-lenght work by italian lowercase experimentalist Luca Bergero / Fhievel;

- an ultranoisy MiniCD-R Card by italian cult "band" Olyvetty;

- ...and probably a few more surprises, mp3 previews are coming soon, stay tuned!

19, 2008

Afe @ Tago Fest 4

Afe will take part to Tago Fest 4, a three days long independent music festival organized by Tago Mago, Fratto9under The Sky, Boring Machines, Wallace Records, Fooltribe and Bar la Muerte. The festival will be staged from July the 4th to July the 6th at the Tago Mago Lounge Café in Marina di Massa, Tuscany, Italy. More than 30 independent italian labels will be represented on stage by one or more bands. Sil Muir will play as part of the Afe rooster, see you there!!! For more information please visit

Tago Fest 4

Friday 4th July

Bachi da Pietra (Die Schachtel/Wallace)
Bob Corn & The Outsiders (Fooltribe)
Plasma Expander (Here I Stay/Wallace)
Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick (Urtovox)

Saturday 5th July

?Alos (Bar La Muerte)
Andrea Rottin (Madcap Collective)
Chewingum (About a Boy/Marinaio Gaio)
Movie Star Junkies (Rijapov)
Overmood (Suiteside)
Pss Pss Pss (Produzioni Pezzente)
Quit Classic Music w/ Renato Ciunfrini (Setola di Maiale)
Satantango (Wallace)
Sex Offenders Seek Salvation (Fooltribe)
Sil Muir (Afe Records)
Sparkle In Grey (Disasters by Choice)
Tanake (Fratto9 Under the Sky)
Tapso II (Indigena)
War Is Terror (Burp Publications)
X-Marillas (Dischi di Plastica/Wallace/Smartz)
Zabrisky (Shyrec)
+ dj-set by LeGo mY eGo

Sunday 6th July

Airchamber3 (Amirani)
Amavo (Fromscratch)
Butcher Mind Collapse (Bloody Sound/Valvolare)
Eat The Rabbit (Marsiglia)
Evolution So Far (Donnabavosa)
Flap (In the Bottle)
Hiroshima Rocks Around (No=Fi)
Logoplasm (Ctrl+Alt+Canc)
Lucertolas (Robotradio)
My Dear Killer (Under My Bed/Eaten by Squirrels/Madcap Collective/Shyrec/Boring Machines)
Olyvetty (Hundebiss)
Phidge (Riff Records)
R.U.N.I. (Megaplomb)
Satan Is My Brother (Boring Machines)
Spiral (Motorgraffosociety)
Vonneumann (Ebria Records)
Zen Circus (Unhip Records)
+ dj-set by Onga (Boring Machines)

June 18, 2008

New reviews (20)
A few more reviews about some of our latest releases were published during the last weeks:
Mathieu Ruhlmann "The Earth Grows In Each of Us" on The Cookshop
Mathieu Ruhlmann "The Earth Grows In Each of Us" on Musique Machine
Logoplasm "Testa piena d'orche" on
Non Ethos "Syk Asfalt" on Connexion Bizarre
Never Known "Once In a Lifetime" on Sonomu

June 5, 2008

fe @ Mi Ami 2008
Afe Records & Pins will be present with its own stand at the Mi Ami 2008. The festival will be staged at Circolo Magnolia, Idroscalo (Milan, Italy), from Friday the 6th to Sunday the 8th June 2008. Please have a look here for the full program, see you there!

May 20, 2008

New items available in our mail-order catalogue
Many new items are now available for sale in the mail order section of this website, including latest arrivals from Silentes, A Silent Place, Smallvoices, Faria, Taâlem, Kokeshidisk, C3R and more. Here's a direct link to the distribution catalogue.

May 7, 2008

New reviews (19)
Well, one year is passed since our latest releases were out and reviews keep flowing in, here's the latest we received in late April / early May:
Andrew Duke "From the Deep End" on Audiodrome
Mathieu Ruhlmann "The Earth Grows In Each of Us" on Cyclic Defrost
Pholde "Aperture of the Internal Surface" on Lunar Hypnosis
Mark Hamn "Je déchire l'ongle aux criminels" on Earlabs
Edward Ruchalski "Territorial Objects" on Connexion Bizarre

April 2, 2008

New reviews (1
Here's the usual bunch of reviews about some of our latest releases that we collected during the last weeks:
The Afeman vs. Madame P "Journey Through the Shadow of the Sun" on Audiodrome
Mathieu Ruhlmann "The Earth Grows In Each of Us" on Lunar Hypnosis
The Afeman vs. Madame P "Journey Through the Shadow of the Sun" on Lunar Hypnosis
Edward Ruchalski "Dark Night" on Musique Machine
Cordell Klier "Measure Here and Be Now" on Lunar Hypnosis

The Impossible Flower "Anthophobia" on Audiodrome
Edward Ruchalksi "Territorial Objects" on Lunar Hypnosis
Horchata "Coleoid" on Musique Machine

March 17, 2008

Amon + Griefer + Brutophilia live @ Margini Sonori II

Margini Sonori is a festival organized by ODRZ, the last night of the second edition will be staged on Tuesday 18 March 2008 at Barrio's Cafè, Milan (Italy).

On such occasion Andrea Marutti will perform a dark-ambient solo concert as Amon at 10:00 p.m. followed by Canadian noisers Griefer and Brutophilia. Admission is free, more information is available here.

March 6, 2008

Afe Records showcase at Villa Franchin, Mestre (Vene
zia, Italy)

Madcap Collective and Basemental have organized an Afe Records showcase in Mestre (Venezia, Italy). The happening will be staged in the beautiful Villa Franchin. Andrea Marutti will play a live concert, Punck and Davide Del Col / Accursio Graffeo will be on stage too. Concerts begin at 9:30 p.m., admission is free. More information about this happening - in Italian - is available here.

February 21, 2008

Andrea Marutti interviewed by Digimag - English version
The English version of the interview with Andrea Marutti conducted last November by Bertram Niessen for Digimag is now available here.

February 19, 2008

New reviews (17)

's time for more reviews about some of our latest releases, here we go:
The Infant Cycle / UPhold "Our Past Present (Now Then)" on Heathen Harvest
Sam & Valley "Stupid Love or Smart Laugh" on Blow Up
Sam & Valley "Stupid Love or Smart Laugh" on Connexion Bizarre
Punck "Aube noire" on The Wire
Der Einzige "Early Poor Loops For Krishna" on RockLab

January 21, 2008

New reviews (16)

Here's a few m
ore reviews about the latest Afe releases:
Andrew Duke "From the Deep End" on Connexion Bizarre
Cría Cuervos "Vor Feuerschlünden" on Connexion Bizarre
Mathieu Ruhlmann "The Earth Grows In Each of Us" on The Sound Projector
Bestia Centauri "Teratogenesis" on Chronicles of Chaos
Bestia Centauri "Teratogenesis" on Shapeless Zine

January 10, 2008

New reviews (15)

The new year brought some more reviews about
out latest releases, here's a short list:
The Impossible Flower "Anthophobia" on Connexion Bizarre
Der Einzige "Early Poor Loops For Krishna" on Blow Up
Punck "Aube noir" on Blow Up
The Afeman vs. Madame P "Journey Through the Shadow of the Sun" on Blow Up
Edward Ruchalski "Territorial Objects" on Musique Machine

Logoplasm "Testa piena d'orche" on Rocklab

January 7, 2008

Andrea Marutti "The Subliminal Relation Between P
lanets (Live in Archiaro) is out now on Nextera

Andrea Marutti's latest CD album entitled "The Subliminal Relation Between Planets (Live in Archiaro)" is out now on Nextera. The album was recorded live in Archiaro (Albi, Catanzaro, Italy) in August 2007 and is a 74 minutes excursion into ambient / dark-ambient territories. A few copies are available for sale through the Afe mail-order.