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snotra: all done by john


Artist: Snotra
Title: All Done By John
Format: CD-R EP ltd. to 100 copies in pro-printed cardboard sleeve
Tracks: 5
Playing time: 18:07
Release date: April 2006
File under: IDM / Weird Electronica


Track List:

1.  Go Satan!  3:08

2.  Eye Rave  2:59

3.  Let Me Be the One  3:21

4.  Osma()  4:17

5.  Bobey  4:12



More than five years passed since we had the chance to release Happy Sad, Snotra's debut EP and after all this time we're now happiest to bring you "All Done By John", his latest work at the time of writing.

"All Done By John" was already released in Japan some time ago as number four in the "Electric Avenue" MiniCD-R 3" series by Tokyo based label Duotone Records, and we're glad to made it available again in a fully remastered version.

There are very significative differences between the old tracks contained on "Happy Sad" and the relatively new ones of "All Done By John". Althought being of the same weird and unsettling nature, they showcase a much more mature approach to music. Or better, that would be the case if "mature" was a word that can be easily applied to Snotra, uhm...

"Go Satan!" opens with an apparently frenetic beat backed up by intertwining synthesizers lines and chords, and I bet that nobody would expect a fiddle break just in the middle of the track!

"Eye Rave" is mostly made of spastic drums fillers and beautiful guitar melodies laid together. The fiddle comes in again for a calm refrain, just before the track ends.

Strange sampled voices introduce "Let Me Be the One", and are soon followed by the usual drums and guitar main parts. Along the road the voices bear the most destructive treatments and are buried under tons of effects and weird noises.

Osma() is probably the most laid back track of the lot: its simple but effective melodies and e-bowed guitar ambiences bring in an unexpected sadness which adds quite a lot to the organically based sound of "All Done By John".

The EP ends with "Bobey", a simple guitar number constructed around a minimal repetitive beat and some of the usually weird voices that make us love Snotra so much.

"...this is certainly a strange thing. Fucked up rhythm machines, strange samples of guitars, fiddles and crazy, childlike melodies. It's witty, funny and crazy..."
Vital Weekly [more]

"...ritmi spezzati, escrudescenze rumorose, cancrene sonore e guazzabugli electro alla maniera dei terroristi sonici post-Aphex Twin..."
SentireAscoltare [more]