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kabal: alone

  Artist: Kabal
Title: Alone
Format: CD-R in cardboard sleeve
Tracks: 12
Playing time: 69:00
Release date: May 2002
File under: New Electronica


Track List:

1.  Frigo  4:39

2.  Atrial_222  4:27

3.  Civil Waiting  5:58

4.  [Kab]  3:50

5.  Freebong [Cyhexatin Mix]  6:31

6.  Kabincup 2  3:33

7.  Leebal  7:02

8.  Pigro  5:20

9.  Pinnizza  6:25

10.  Rape_223  7:58

11.  Ripartition Failure [London Mix]  6:10

12.  Trip Kab Hop Max 2  6:25



After delighting his audience with the self-titled debut album in 1998 Dr. Kabal has finally come up with his second full-lenght release which is proudly presented as an Afe Records / Moonfear co-production.

For all those who passionately remember the good old days of what was called "Intelligent Techno" (whatever that meant...) this will be a very enjoyable experience. Entirely recorded at Pergolab with the affectionate support of Leeza and the whole Afe Community, it literally sweats out the soul of the silicone chips that generated it.

Watch out for the forthcoming EP that will include exciting remixes. Last but not least: can we forget to mention that Kabal also appears on the "Teddy Bear Remix Project" box set? We don't think so.

"Kabal seems to prefer nocturnal, slightly obsessive atmospheres, in a classy electronica / IDM which reminded me of Autechre, Future Sound of London and a034 The Insider."
Chain D.L.K. [more]