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luca sigurtà: la vera macchina d'argento


Artist: Luca Sigurtà
Title: La Vera Macchina D'Argento
Format: CD-R ltd. to 150 numbered copies in pro-printed cardboard sleeve
Tracks: 3
Playing time: 42:06
Release date: June 2004
File under: Avantgarde


Track List:

1.  La Vera Macchina D'Argento - Parte I  19:18

2.  L'Assassino Minacciato  3:52

3.  La Vera Macchina D'Argento - Parte II  18:50



Following a series of three self-released EPs published during 1999-2000, the slightly longer "La Sindrome di Stoccolma" ("The Stockholm Syndrome", distributed by S'agita Recordings), the beautiful "Terre" multimedia CD-Rom (in collaboration with director Manuele Cecconello) and a few compilations appereances, here at last we have the full-lenght debut album of Luca Sigurtà from Biella, Italy.

"La Vera Macchina D'Argento" (...or "The Real Silver Machine", if you prefer...) was composed and recorded in 2003 using many different sources/instruments such as broken/faulty discs, environmental/field-recordings, guitars, percussions, various objects and self-built devices.

The long title track is splitted in two distinct parts separated by a fully new remastered version of "L'Assassino Minacciato", a track inspired by René Magritte's painting "L’assassin Menacé" coming from the Homemade Avantgarde's "On How a Picture Can Sound" theme compilation.

To enhance the intimate feeling of the music, according to the author's fascination with low volume levels, and the nature of the recordings themselves, the disc was mastered at -3dB, a volume lower than the standard 0dB, and is better experienced when listened in relax mode with or without headphones at a low volume.

The artwork of "La Vera Macchina D'Argento" was created by Hue using stills from some of the gorgeous Manuele Cecconello's videos and comes as a pro-printed high quality sleeve.

"La Vera Macchina D'Argento" is co-released as a friendly joint-venture between Afe Records and S'agita Recordings.

"Un' opera matura e affascinante, realizzata con grande gusto e senso della misura..."
Oltre il Suono [more]

"La musica di Sigurtà è come il deserto che, sotto la sabbia, cela tutto un universo..."
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"This is one of the best releases in the electroacoustic field that I've listened to this year..."
Chain D.L.K. [more]

"A more ambient version of Thu20 or Boca Raton..."
Vital Weekly [more]

"L’ascolto in cuffia di questo disco è il più bel regalo che possiate farvi questo autunno..."
Kathodik [more]

"Sepolcrale (nel senso 'alto', poetico), 'La vera macchina d'argento' è un accadimento che genera spazio-tempo oltre sè"
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