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Supper [afe112lcd]

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Mirko Uhlig (*1981 in Aachen, Germany) is a German musician and producer in the contemporary field of drone and minimal ambient music, and co-founder of Ex Ovo Records.

He first appeared with surreal sound collages and musique concrète-techniques under the moniker Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf (catching eels with a horse's head) around 2004.

After releasing four albums and some EPs (on Aal, Einzeleinheit, Taâlem, Mystery Sea and Drone Records) Uhlig decided to release his now much more minimalistic and serene works under a less delusive name.

Uhlig's music is inspired by pioneers of drone and minimalistic music such as La Monte Young, early Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, David Lynch, William Basinski and current Hafler Trio; echoing the blurred distance of a late Turner painting.

Beside various field recordings, the wooden sounds of an old acoustic six-string, a battered accordion and an original Indian shruti-box build the acoustic sources for the process of composing and letting go.

Mirko Uhlig currently lives in Bonn, Germany. "Supper" was released on Afe in October 2008.


- Supper (Afe, 2008)
- The Nightmiller (Mystery Sea, 2008)
- Farewell Fields (with Dronæment, Nextera, 2007)
- Mandala Volume 1 (Ex Ovo, 2007)
- The Rabbit's Logbook (Field Muzick, 2007)
- Storm: Outside Calm Tamed (Aal, 2007)
- I, Mute Hummings (Ex Ovo, 2006)
- Mute Scribbles (Ex Ovo, 2006)
- VIVMMI (Ex Ovo, 2006)