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der einzige: early poor loops for krishna

  Artist: Der Einzige
: Early Poor Loops For Krishna
Format: CD-R Card ltd. to 50 numbered copies in pro-printed cardboard minisleeve

Tracks: 7
Playing time: 5:27
Release date: April 2007
File under: Industrial / Noise

Track List:

1.  S.Uper P.Ulp K.Rishna  0:11

2.  Lemo's and Papa's  1:14

3.  P.Orridge For Breakfast  0:46

4.  Cabaret Montesquieu  0:48

5.  Oh Lustlord!  0:16

6.  Nocturnal F-Arts  1:00

7.  Laid Back in Ljubljana  1:10



In 1994, during his university studies in multimedia communications at the Faculty of Design in Milan (his hometown), Matteo Uggeri - aka Hue - started making musical/sound experiences using an old PC and creating rhythms putting some sticky tape on vinyls: this is how Der Einzige, a cheap and extreme project made in collaboration with his friend Camillo, was born.

Since 1995, along with Agostino Brambilla and all the other artists that joined in later (Xo, Lu, Lele and Cris), he released a lot of songs and albums with the New Wave / Industrial / Rock band Norm, which is still alive and kicking nowadays.

After he purchased a new powerful PC (for those days - 1995), he began experimenting with sound editors cutting and pasting in a 'visual way' to build rhythms and overlaying sounds through mixing/paste special features.

The result of this slow and often stressing work was Nervous System Overload, now available on request as the sixth disc of Inner Photographs. This new musical project was called Normality / Edge and was obsessively focused on the bound of what people usually conceive as normal or ab-normal.

At those times he was influenced by the old industrial generation (Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, SPK, Controlled Bleeding) and by the 80s Gothic / New Wave music (The Cure, Bauhaus, Joy Division...).

Later, along with Marco Volpi (Happiness Repealed), he founded the EBM group Human_Against_Hope, where he singed and screamed. Thanks to Volpi he started using a PC sequencer that soon became Normality / Edge main instrument.

In 1999 Hue changed his mind and 'soul' and stopped making music using the Normality / Edge and Human Against Hope monikers.

Now he works at the Politechnic of Milan as a graphic and teacher, and keeps on producing music with Norm and his new Sparkle in Grey and Sparkle in a Voice projects.

"Early Poor Loops For Krishna" contains some of Der Einzige's very first short recordings. Here's more details about them in Hue's own words:

"As everyone can easily guess, this record was made with very poor equipment many years ago (sometime between 1994 and 1995) at my place.
At that time I was very young and fond of Industrial music. These crazy and spontaneous tracks are dedicated to the music of some of the heroes of my youth. I hope that someone will appreciate my efforts at recording my own Industrial music for Industrial teenagers like me. The use of Krishna image and name is not intended to harm or offend anyone: the vinyl LP used as main sound source for these recordings contained many devotional chants dedicated to him."


"...Der Einzige è un altro moniker di Hue, side-project per raccogliere minutaglie di gioventù (l'altro ieri) e confezionarle in modo carino (CD-R formato rettangolare). Loop industrial-merzbowiani in scala ridotta, magazzino riparazioni elettrodomestici..."
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"Dai nascosti recessi dell'ennesimo –ismo di turno (in questo caso stiamo parlando della visione del mondo freak 2.0 che a tanti piace considerare post-moderna) al grido di "questa è musica!" fanno la propria comparsa, con gran forza, schiere di ascoltatori folgorati sulla via del Drone seguiti da imponenti eserciti di critici "on the new” che brandiscono la lancia della loro personale percezione di come debba essere la musica moderna: contaminata, rumorosa, necessariamente "weird" e di conseguenza sotteranea, underground..."
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