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steve brand: awakensong

  Artist: Steve Brand
Title: Awakensong
Format: CD-R ltd. to 100 copies in pro-printed cardboard sleeve
Tracks: 9
Playing time: 72:04
Release date: April 2006
File under: Ritual / Tribal / Ambient


Track List:

1.  Song for Opening  7:04

2.  Song for Remembering  7:36

3.  Song for Past Lives  1:31

4.  Song for Illumination  12:27

5.  Song for Sacred Places  6:27

6.  Song for the Sun  10:42

7.  Song for the Moon  10:29

8.  Song for Releasement and Clearing  4:22

9.  Song of Ascension  11:24



Steve Brand has been creating sound art and visual art since the mid-80's. From 1995
to 2003 he was active as Augur, creating obscure and organic music which was released on many labels worldwide, including The Foundry, Manifold, Alluvial, Self-Abuse and others.

During the years he had the chance to collaborate with artists such as Jeph Jerman (Hands To, Animist Orchestra), Rick Kitch (I Am Umbrella, Lucky Cricket), PBK, James P. Keeler (Wilt), Brooke Oates (Birds of Tin), etc.

His atmospheres, alarmingly austere, with varying shades of gray, are drenched in allusion and a heightened sense of cinematic noir for the listener.

Sound sources include: traditional musical instruments, found and handmade objects, toys, voice, microphones, field recordings, primitive electronics and more sophisticated electronics. According to his own words, "emotional aspects of a recording always come first".

Consisting of nine tracks, "Awakensong" was recorded and mixed by Steve Brand in early 2005, and is an highly enjoyable excursion into good meditative / ritual / tribal Ambient music.

The album utilizes shakuhachi, Native American courting flute and bass flute, udu, medicine drum, camel bells, gongs, voice, prayer bowls and keyboards.

"Awakensong" starts with "Song for Opening", based on shamanic drums, repetitive clusters of percussions and impressive drones / textures of a metallic nature.

"Song for Remembering" is a deep jouney into anyone's own memories built on wind instruments and tiny hand-held percussions. Very simple in its structure, but very touching at the same time.

The short atmospheric "Song of Past Lives" introduce the twelve minute masterpiece of "Song for Illumination". Constructed with different layers of synthesized sounds, is one of our most favorite tracks from the album.

"Song for Sacred Places" showcases sound sources similar to "Song for Remembering", but it's filled with a steady beating drum.

"Song for the Sun" is another piece of pure ambient music built on low registers and includes highly hypnotic percussive patterns. Its ideal counterpart, "Song for the Moon", is a lovely shakuhachi solo laid on a bed of singing crickets.

"Song for Releasement and Clearing" is a more dense number where reverbered and treated flute lines interact with different percussions creating a state of tangible tension.

"Song of Ascension", closes the disc with chimes and synth pads.
We can't help to mention the high quality of these recordings which include mostly acoustic sources. Steve has achieved excellent results with them.

"I am reaching into the interior realities, the meaning behind the symbols we accept as everyday reality, into the dream of the abundant natural self that knows no boundaries or limitations."

"Steve Brand has created a CD that “does exactly what it says on the tin”, creating a magical, haunting soundscape that becomes an access point into our preconscious depths..."
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"Un lavoro artigianale ed accurato insieme, dove il musicista si cimenta con tastiere, voce, gongs, percussioni etniche e Shakuhachi."

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