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sparkle in grey / a.a.v.v.: the echoes of thiiings / fadiiing echoes


Artist: Sparkle In Grey / A.A.V.V.
Title: The Echoes Of Thiiings / Fadiiing Echoes
Format: 2xCD-R ltd. to 100 numbered copies in pro-printed cardboard sleeve
Tracks: 13 + 14
Playing time: 60:23 + 73:50
Release date: April 2005
File under: Ambient-Electronica / Experimental


Track List:

disc 1: the echoes of thiiings

1.  Painless Delusion Song  3:14

2.  Quiet Before End  3:18

3.  There Was a Party  4:22

4.  Not Nervous  5:09

5.  When I'll Be Child  3:36

6.  A Sound Like Breath  4:33

7.  A Flat Day  4:51

8.  Unbelievable  4:51

9.  A New Hope  5:23

10.  White Flag Reaction  6:30

11.  All Must Stop  7:06

12.  Undepressed  2:57

13.  The Echoes of Things  3:47

disc 2: fadiiing echoes

1.  Painless Delusion Song [Tenshi, I'm Leaving by aal]  5:50

2.  Quiet Before End [Une Promesse c'est Une Promesse by HUBERT MENSCH]   4:54

3.  There Was a Party [The Morning After by TALK SHOW HOST]  4:55

4.  Not Nervous [Paper Tearing by PIERPAOLO LEO]   3:22

5.  When I'll Be Child [Ether Child Mix by ETHER]  5:06

6.  A Sound Like Breath [A Breath Like Sound by LUCA SIGURTÀ & MARCO AUREGGI]   3:27

7.  A Flat Day [What Did You Say? by NICOLA RATTI]  3:17

8.  Unbelievable [Unbelievable Flower Dancer by THE IMPOSSIBLE FLOWER]  5:28

9.  A New Hope [Our Hope by TELEPHERIQUE]  6:30

10.  White Flag Reaction [White Flag Reaction Mix by S.TALKER IN GREY]  5:19

11.  All Must Stop [All Must Stop the Norm by NORM]  4:28

12.  Undepressed [Self-Love Reconstruction by NEVER KNOWN]  6:53

13.  The Echoes of Things [Querty Mix by META:LED]  5:29

14.  bonus track [Drone for Grey by CRASHCARS FOR THE RAVERS]  8:50



"Why the echoes of things? I think I’m someone inextricably tied to the past, maybe too much, maybe because of a thing that many people could call a quality – I mean memory – something which works hopelessly against me, settling in my mind facts, things and ideas which perhaps it would be better to forget, or at least not to bring back into consciousness so often."*

*From "The Echoes of Thiiings" liner notes by Hue

Following his works created using the Normality / Edge moniker, whose opera omnia was released on Afe as a 5+1 discs box-set in 2002, "The Echoes of Thiiings" was recorded by Hue in 2001.

Compared to the harsh and obsessive noise-driven compositions of Normality Edge, "The Echoes of Thiiings" sounds like a gentle spring breeze coming through your window.

With its beautiful and calm synth melodies caressed by voices of children at play, the aptly titled "When I'll Be Child" perfectly fits this description and is probably the track that better summarize the mood of the whole disc.

"I don’t know if I’ll ever play again music like this. I’m still trying, years later… (...) I think I’ve lost the ease, the lightness, I don’t know… That’s why I wanted to leave in the hands of other musicians one of the developments of the record, and so "Fadiiing Echoes" was born, which delayed more and more the release of the disc, but it can give a meaning to something which belongs to the past, just because new people give it."*

*From "The Echoes of Thiiings" liner notes by Hue

"Fadiiing Echoes" is "The Echoes of Thiiings" twin disc, it contains the same tracks, in the same running order, remixed by aal, Hubert Mensh, Talk Show Host, Pierpaolo Leo, Ether, Luca Sigurtà and Marco Aureggi, Nicola Ratti, The Impossible Flower, Telepherique, S.Talker Inc, Norm, Never Known and Meta:Led, and a special extra track created by Crashcars For The Ravers.

This is probably one of the rarest cases where a remix album is good as the original album that generated it, or even better...

In December 2002, in the Inner Photographs press-release we wrote: "Life changes, things get worse or better for anyone and Hue is making completely different music now with his Sparkle In Grey project... but that is another story and we are sure we'll have the chance to tell it later on..."

Well, the time has come.


"Fragili e delicate melodie, suoni dolci, limpidi e cristallini, parti ritmiche misurate e mai invadenti o aggressive, atmosfere sognanti, raggi di sole, scorci di cieli azzurri, voci di bambini..."
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"Immagini digitali(zzate) di luoghi - prati, fiumi azzurrognoli, collinette, praterie, camere da letto - dove hanno corso dolci malinconie. Stati d'animo. L'electro rock penombrale, la techno soundtrack music, la rhythm ambient sembrano meno consuete e più credibili di quanto ci si potrebbe aspettare..."
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"L'eco delle cose è un flirtare con la malinconia dei ricordi senza farsene avvinghiare. Un insieme di polaroid di tempi già vissuti, che accendono la memoria e l’estro dell’immaginazione"
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