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mortar: from the grave


Artist: Mortar
Title: From the Grave
Label: Oktagön [okt002]
Format: LP ltd. to 300 copies in plain gatefold sleeve
Tracks: 6
Playing time: about 37:00
Release date: January 2000
File under: Dark Ambient

Track List:

1.  I  4:53

2.  II  6:17

3.  III  3:27

4.  IV  3:18

5.  V  10:47

6.  VI  8:05


"A trip in the deepest obscurity... A real nightmare!"*

* Description taken from an Oktagön newsletter.


"In late Summer 1996 I was asked for some help by Mortar in order to edit and finish some of his tracks for a possible vinyl release on the Amplexus label. After de-noising and editing more than two hours of material I was given permission to choose what I felt were the best tracks and manipulate them, and so I did. In November I choosed five tracks and added some Amon atmospheres to four of them. When I was asked for some "organ sounds" I also recorded a completely new track (IV). When my work was finished it was not appreciated because the result was too similar to Amon's music... I don't know why, but this music was never released by Amplexus; years passed and those tracks were finally released by Oktagön. You can't find anywhere on the sleeve a credit for my work, but if you carefully listen to the album you will be able to listen many of the trademark Amon sounds once used on the "Amon" and "El Khela" CDs."*

* Original rant written by Andrea Marutti in early 2000.