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olyvetty: nostalgya canaglya

  Artist: Olyvetty
: Nostalgya Canaglya
Format: CD-R Card ltd. to 80 numbered copies in pro-printed cardboard minisleeve

Tracks: 5
Playing time: 5:34
Release date: October 2008
File under: Noise

Track List:

1.  I  0:22

2.  II  2:10

3.  III  1:20

4.  IV  0:25

5.  V  1:15



is a project of audio/visual environment started in Berlin in 2006 by musician Claudio Rocchetti and visual artist Riccardo Benassi.

Olyvetty is the displacement of a symbol, the overcoming of language on content and of information on production. A systematic plumbing of noise dephts and of minimal-techno dérives that reaches new visionary landscapes.

Claudio Rocchetti was born in Bolzano, Italy, but has been living in Berlin for some years. He processes sounds by mixing turntablism's manipulatory techniques with concrete music. He breaks down and deconstructs sounds and uses radios, recorders and microphones to create an analogic process of sound generation.

He is also part of 3/4 Had Been Eliminated and Hypnoflash. His music was released on many labels, including S'agita Recordings, Bar La Muerte, Smallvoices, Wallace Records and Die Schachtel.

Riccardo Benassi was born in Cremona but he had long lived in Bologna and, more recently, in Berlin. He has been working with sound experimentation for years and is a young artist of great promise in Italian contemporary art.

In his work objects become the real protagonists and the audience is encouraged to interact, turning everyday noises into symphonies. His multidisciplinary research is not restricted to sound experimentation and spans over different expressions, such as videos and illustrations.

The two artists met in Berlin and decided to start their collaboration. What they have in common is their actual research on sound, which means a direct interaction with the objects and their surfaces through the use of different supports, both during production and live processing.

Their debut release, entitled "As All-encompassing As a Hole", was self-produced as a de-luxe double 12" hand-engraved picture disc - also available as an extremely limited "pop-up landscape" package of 17 copies - was soon followed by a 7" on Hundebiss Records entitled "Im Leeren". Once again their groundbreaking assault of noise freakerie was superbly packed in a d.i.y. gatefold pop-up black'n'white sleeve.

"Nostalgya Canaglya" is their latest micro-release coming in the form of a CD-R card. Edited in Berlin during Summer 2008, it collects five short fragments culled from studio improvisations. Olyvetty's digital wall of sound is going to keep all the noise freaks happy: sometimes harsh and sometimes rhythmic, always loud and hypnotizing.


"Five and a half minutes of binary phlegm and broken funny bones by two Berlin-based Italians, one of which is already known for being a real brat. Claudio Rocchetti has given the likes of David Lee Roth and Harrison Ford a bad name in the past by applying their respected identities to cinematic albums they'd never want to be associated with. This time the hapless target is the speckled late-80s gem by Albano Carrisi, its central namesake lyric here rendered with slowed-down and synthetic insanity towards the end of this short-lived transaction on business-card CD-R. Expectorated antibodies of harsh staccato glitter, plundered police-radio static and frustrated boom-chick sibilance supplies the album's first half with a fickly meditative and surprisingly humane palpation, its freckled, repetitive beats going into autistic overload on a track that at 2 minutes and ten seconds, is contextually epic..."
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