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raffaele serra: le spectre de la rose


Artist: Raffaele Serra
Title: Le Spectre De La Rose
Format: CD-R in pro-printed cardboard sleeve + insert
Tracks: 15
Playing time: 70:07
Release date: December 2003
File under: Avantgarde


Track List:

1.  Siege of the Unseen  8:07

2.  Iron Dream  2:34

3.  Fog  3:58

4.  Response  3:01

5.  Love Vs. Gravity  7:24

6.  Dark Interlude  3:36

7.  Stars Like Dust  4:51

8.  Sentinel  1:35

9.  Garden in the Void  4:24

10.  She Who Laughs  5:18

11.  Slow Fire  3:55

12.  Waterline  3:45

13.  Dreaming Escape  5:05

14.  Ticket to Anywhere  3:10

15.  Night Flight  8:33



Exactly one year after the release of the acclaimed "Europe Endless", an album that aptly bringed back Raffaele Serra to success after some years of struggling, our favourite electronic shaman returns on Afe with a very beautiful, delicate and experimental new work.

Partly inpired by Fleur Jaeggy's "I Beati Anni del Castigo / Sweet Days of Discipline", "Le Spectre de la Rose" tells the imaginary story of a thirteen years old girl, her vision of the world, her many dreams and nightmares, hope and fears.

The music has obviously a cinematic quality, as it often happened in other Raffaele Serra's works. His usual references appear each now and then all over the disc: the santur on Fog and Dark Interlude, the Kraftwerk-inspired sequencer lines on She Who Laughs, the mantric melodies on Dreaming Escape and the long final Night Flight.

All the tracks on this album were composed, performed and recorded by Raffaele Serra in Spring/Summer 2003 at Mekon Studio.

"Splendida la tripletta in sequenza di Sentinel, Garden in the Void, She Who Laughs, tra Kraftwerk, suoni concreti e cinematici"
Blow Up [more]

"Molto elegante, raffinato, equilibrato seppure piuttosto vario, e ulteriormente valorizzato da una ottima qualità del suono"
Oltre il Suono [more]

"...una musica raffinata ed elegante, tinta degli stessi colori pastello che adornano la splendida copertina e che fanno pensare ai grandi maestri della pittura 'ukiyo-e'"
Sound and Silence [more]

"A kind of lengthy summa of Serra's different souls"
Chain D.L.K. [more]