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andrew duke: from the deep end

  Artist: Andrew Duke
Title: From the Deep End
Format: 2xCD-R ltd. to 100 copies in pro-printed cardboard sleeve
Tracks: 12 + 12
Playing time: 71:19 + 72:50
Release date: April 2007
File under: Minimal Electronica / Glitch / Experimental


Track List:

disc 1

1.  One  3:56

2.  Two  8:26

3.  Three  3:21

4.  Four  2:37

5.  Five  5:05

6.  Six  8:56

7.  Seven  5:17

8.  Eight  5:09

9.  Nine  9:39

10.  Ten  5:44

11.  Eleven  4:42

12.  Twelve  8:25

disc 2

1.  One  4:54

2.  Two  2:12

3.  Three  7:09

4.  Four  9:15

5.  Five  5:57

6.  Six  3:57

7.  Seven  5:26

8.  Eight  5:43

9.  Nine  5:40

10.  Ten  5:18

11.  Eleven  9:04

12.  Twelve  8:13



Andrew Duke has been composing, producing, remixing and performing music since 1987, plus scoring and sound-designing for film, television, video, web, theatre and radio.

His music is consistently referred to by the media and listeners alike as continuously presenting a unique and distinct sound.

In 2003 he was nominated for Album of the Year (Electronica) at the Canadian Independent Music Awards for his "Sprung" album (Bip-Hop, France).

In 2005 two PSAs he scored for the Racism: Stop It! campaign were recognized with national awards.

He has been commissioned for 55+ remixes (for artists such as Aaliyah, Pink Floyd, Chicks On Speed, Heavy Meadows, David Kristian, etc.) and has licensed 125+ tracks to compilations.

He regularly tours his solo live PA and his jazz/improv group, the Andrew Duke Ensemble.

Duke’s sound design and music has been used on TV channels including BBC Channel 4, Discovery Science, CBC, CTV, Outdoor Life Network and Much Music.

Based in Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) he operates the Cognition Audioworks label and webzine.

"From The Deep End" includes selected excerpts from recordings taken at four different live shows Andrew played In Toronto, Kingston, Halifax and Montreal between 2002 and 2004.

The twentyfour untitled tracks combined on this double-disc set are all mixed together to create a complex and organic sonic continuum.

Duke's explorations on "From The Deep End" range from classic clicks'n'cuts to dissonant ambiences passing through minimal vocations and subtle variations.

Sparse beats appear each now and then, but most of the rhythm contained in these tracks remains hidden, mostly on a subliminal level, in the intertwining elements that form them.

Ghostly voices, microbial factors, unknown chain reactions, abstract atmospheres, lowercase ambushes, vinylized spectrums, creaking noises, sensible frequencies, mental soundscapes, glitch tensions and post-Techno plots: all ingredients in Duke's recipe combine to make "From the Deep End" a nice summa of his musical output (...and of digital music in general...) rather than just a simple live document.


"On listening to this double album it becomes clear that Duke is meticulous in composing the sound that becomes his music. The construction of these tracks gives the impression of a man so deeply immersed in the meaning, structure and composition of sound that each individual element has its place and that he is a person always on the lookout for that ideal sound to use in some unnamed track he has yet to compose. Distinctly abstract and experimental in nature, Duke's music may initially appear to be a series of weird sounds, but closer inspection it reveals a very definite order. Sometimes including a whirling patchwork of micro-sounds and electronic blips, bloops and glitches, and at others letting a sense of rhythm and more regular structure shine through, Duke illustrates his ability to encompass many styles of electronic music, from dub to abstract, whilst maintaining a core experimental theme... Duke's music is generally meditative, to be absorbed and digested, deciphered and interpreted as you wish. There is undoubtedly a personal message, mood or feeling for Duke himself, but the music feels so intensely personal and carefully assembled that it deserves the listener's full concentration and attention. Allowing yourself to be absorbed into the aural soundscape is definitely the key to experiencing Duke's work to its fullest potential..."
Connexion Bizarre

"From the Deep End" è un monumentale doppio CD-R che raccoglie quasi due ore e mezzo della musica di Duke... Non sempre chi è abituato a lavorare dietro le quinte è in grado poi di sfornare capolavori a proprio nome e la natura strutturalmente frammentaria di "From the Deep End" non aiuta... Ecco, dunque, che in questi due CD possiamo trovare comunque squarci notevoli, momenti ritmici che risvegliano l'attenzione, loop efficaci, suoni affilati che tagliano in due il timpano e ci costringono a fermarci, ma per forza di cose manca l'unità di fondo. In sintesi, un panorama sconfinato di glitch, ambient e minimalismo techno, un campionario infinito di suggerimenti e spunti per colleghi pronti al saccheggio, un insieme di "possibilità" che ci mostra quanto Andrew può fare e – cosa non da poco per un'unica persona – le molteplici forme espressive della musica sperimentale."

"From the Deep End" is, perhaps depressingly so, still available from Afe Records, though it's limited to 100 copies. Considering the quality of the music presented here, it should have disappeared instantly, because it's one of the most involving, genre bending electronica releases this reviewer has heard in some time. I say this with the caveat that, due to my regrettable lethargy as a writer, I am just getting around to reviewing this, despite the fact that it came out last year... The music spans everything from experimental techno, to drone, and, perhaps most surprisingly, to post-rock instrumentation. Duke's music exudes confidence, and these pieces have the sound of music created with great care, and a surgeon's precision. Technical perfection in music can be tedious, but in this case, Duke's production skills and musical ability only bring his work into sharper relief. His enthusiasm for sound design is very evident, because the two discs have a cinematic quality. A great release from an under-appreciated artist, and yet another triumph for the impressive Afe label."
Musique Machine