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true colour of blood: the significance of secrecy

  Artist: True Colour Of Blood
Title: The Significance Of Secrecy
Format: CD-R ltd. to 250 numbered copies in pro-printed gatefold cardboard sleeve
Tracks: 7
Playing time: 46:34
Release date: December 2001
File under: Ambient / Dark Ambient


Track List:

1.  Demergo Abyssus  9:35

2.  Zophos  5:44

3.  Forlorn  6:05

4.  Replaced by a Heart of Flesh  5:14

5.  Twilight State Dream  5:27

6.  The Significance of Secrecy  4:15

7.  Two Shades of Black  10:12




Once again, it’s time to take your musical pre- (and mis-) conceptions and check them at the door. Form, melody, rhythm, chords: these words represent nothing but rules, barriers and walls which only serve to limit the places where "music" can exist or reach towards.

True Colour Of Blood couldn't care less about anyone's predetermined ideas about what music is or should be. Eric Kesner’s music can best be described as "Ambient" or “Dark Ambient”, but he manage to break even the rules (if there are any such thing) of this genre by making his music with only guitars instead of the usual array of synths and samplers… Highly recommended.

"Undoubtely excellent workmanship Dark-Ambient"
White Noise [more]

"This CD is seriously dark minimalism"
Ambient Visions 1 [more]

"Sounds from the great distant streak across the field, only to fade out as quickly as they came into view"
Ambient Visions 2 [more]

"Kesner's sound palette is incredibly rich and sometimes one wonders how these tracks could be played with such (apparently) limited tools"
Chain D.L.K.[more]

"Constellations, obscure planets lost in the darkest galaxy"
Drive Magazine [more]

"The balance of form, the tonal intuition, the perfet temporal dimension make this record a rare model of its kind"
Blow Up [more]

"Waves and ethereal sounds, soft and stratified, left echoing forever"
Music Boom [more]

"Eric Kesner is evidently a very talented guitarist"
Music For The Muses [more]