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nimh: frozen

  Artist: Nimh
: Frozen
Format: CD-R ltd. to 100 numbered copies in pro-printed gatefold cardboard sleeve
Tracks: 1
Playing Time: 59:36
Release date: September 2002
File under: Ambient / Experimental


Track List:

1.  Frozen  59:36



It's been about ten years since the day that Giuseppe Verticchio, a.k.a. Nimh, started exploring the wide spectrum of Ambient / Electronic music. Since the late '90s he has recorded and self-released many interesting works of different nature, both under is own name and the Nimh moniker, ranging from the purely synth moods of "Fragments From The Lost Times" to the layered and treated Thai movements of "Distant Skylines" via the aboriginal beauty of "Tjukurpa", an album mostly based on the didjeridoo.

Afe is now presenting a new version of his classic "Frozen", recorded back in 2000, which comes in a new artwork / package and is constructed around long slowly evolving droney tunes that wander in isolation through the coldest low frequencies zones.

The title itself appropriately depicts the musical contents of this work more than other thousand words. Terminal Ambient someone says... He's got it right. Get yourself well covered: the landscape is frozen...

"A truly great release"
Chain D.L.K. [more]

"A very suggestive representation of the wide desert icelands"
Spectrum [more]

"This is beatless and bottomless"
Vital Weekly [more]

"A skilfully sculpted long cold wave of glacial sound"
Funprox [more]

"Il suo rimanere in bilico fra synth-ambient / drone-music e noise in modo bilanciato e interessante lo porta ad essere un'ottimo disco"
Post-it Rock [more]

"..."Frozen" contains no melodies. Only focused on frequencies and duration, the music is a reflection about sacred communication. The circular harmonies, the moving electronic textures and gorgeous bass spherical frequencies have the ability to haunt the capacity of understanding, encouraging a shamanistic relationship between the listener and the sound object..."
Prog Archives [more]