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Releases on Afe:
I Will Be the Light [afe114lcd]
Triadic Memories [afe083lcd]

Related releases:
Meerkat: Kapnos [afe121cd]

On the web:

Ur were born in early 2005 as a collaboration between Federico Esposito and Mauro Sciaccaluga, both active in the italian hardcore circuit.

Federico was a member of Heartside and is also responsible of the industrial / power-electronics project Den LXV. Mauro is still a member of Never Was, Downright and Kafka, and he is also collaborating with Den LXV.

Federico and Mauro were later joined by Andrea Ferraris, past and present member of Burning Defeat, Permanent Scar, Onefineday, Deep End and One By One.

Ur made their live debut at the Afe-Party in November 2005, and since then their live-sets have become more and more frequent. Recently they also opened for Eugene Chadbourne and Wolf Eyes during their italian tours.

Their music is mostly based on free improvisation and its sonorities can't easily be described without referring to the well-known and wildest experiments of Industrial music of the late '70s / early '80s.

There is a strong dramatic feeling in their powerful sound, where everything seems to reproduce a sort of wedding between the modernity of the media and the primordial instincts of the performers.

Following their self-released "Baptism & Birthday", "Triadic Memories" was released on Afe in April 2006.

An Ur CD entitled "Trieb" was released in 2008 on Topheth Prophet in Israel, soon followed by a CD-R entitled "Four Calls For Locust" published by Mask of the Slave in Transylvania - Romania.

A new collaborative work with Craig Hilton entitled "I Will Be the Light" was released by Afe in October 2008.