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punck: aube noire

  Artist: Punck
: Aube noire
Format: CD-R Card ltd. to 50 numbered copies with pro-printed cardboard insert

Tracks: 3
Playing time: 5:40
Release date: April 2007
File under: Avantgarde

Track List:

1.  Aube noire  1:54

2.  La chanson des sirènes  1:05

3.  L'aurore  2:35



Punck is the pseudonym chosen by Adriano Zanni, born in 1964 and currently living in Ravenna, for his experimental music project.

After some seminal experiences during the '80s, he approached electronic music in the late '90s using the web as a preferred way of trade and diffusion.

Punck creates his sound canvas manipulating many different kinds of acoustic sources with audio editors and softwares. Among such sources we find digital synthesis, contact microphones and field-recordings.

Among his many collateral activities, we cannot help to mention Ctrl+Alt+Canc, a net-label dedicated to experimental music of all kinds, that has released many works of artists such as aal, Logoplasm, Sawako, Phil Thomson, Ovo and Sinistri.

He participated to many experimental music festivals in Italy and nowadays he keeps to privilege live activities. During his sets he uses laptop, portable CD players, various objects and selfmade videoclips.

His first full lenght CD album entitled "Nowhere Campfire Tapes" was released in April 2005 as a Ctrl+Alt+Canc / Afe joint venture.

"A Constant Migration (Between Reality and Fiction)", his second CD, was released by portuguese label Creative Sources Recordings In October 2006.

"Aube noire" collects three very short compositions recorded by Punck during 2005/2006


"Aube Noire" sembra adattarsi al formato che lo contiene, nella sua struttura più spigolosa e meno sontuosa del solito, e pure Punck offre come sempre la dimostrazione di possedere una sensibilità affatto insolita. La forma – claudicante in "Aube Noire", frizzante ne "La chanson de sirènes" e invasata ne "L'aurore" - è soltanto un contenitore vuoto da riempire con questa sensibilità, che pare essere più malinconica che oscura; e non lasciatevi ingannare da un titolo come "L'aurore" che parrebbe preannunciare un futuro di ilarità che non verrà mai."
Sound and Silence [more]

"Di Adriano Zanni conosciamo la capacità di evocare spazio e tempo e strutturarli in scenari personali. Questo lavoro, anch'esso in formato CD-R rettangolare, conferma tali doti. Un breve scorcio dell'orizzonte (Aube Noir), qualche ronzio sull'acqua oleosa d'un risveglio difficile (La chanson des sirènes) e suoni per una colazione solitaria su Solaris nel migliore stile Tarkovskij (L'aurore)..."
Blow Up [more]

"...the pieces are intensely focused without being particularly loud or harsh, and their brief lenght allows a listener to concentrate on them in a way that is tougher with longer sound-chuncks. My favorite is the third piece, which sounds like a travelogue of the trajectory of a toy xylophone being swallowed by some very large animal. And who knows? Maybe that was the source material."
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