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aal: disc1 + inherited and partially transmitted


Artist: aal
Title: Disc1 + Inherited and Partially Transmitted
Format: 2xCD-R ltd. to 150 numbered copies in pro-printed cardboard sleeve + inserts
Tracks: 5 + 3
Playing time: 77:58 + 57:56
Release date: December 2003
File under: Deep Space / Inner Space Soundtracks


Track List:


1.  Cooling Telescope Lens  15:18

2.  Crystal Waves  19:34

3.  Vitreous Vision of Trantor  11:32

4.  Ring of Light  16:06

5.  This Ocean Can Hear You  15:31

inherited and partially trasmitted

1.  Close of a Luminous Day  9:16

2.  Unsealed  19:17

3.  All That Fall  29:22



To celebrate Afe catalogue number 050 we are glad to bring you an aal's double CD-R release. "Disc1" and "Inherited and Partially Trasmitted" were recorded by aal during 2001 and were both previously released in few copies as private editions by the artist himself.

Both the album were remastered and given a new artwork on purpose of this re-release.

"Disc1" can be seen as a Deep Space Soundtrack: warm, melancholic cosmic drones, like looking at a starlit nightsky from behind a window, in the coldest hours of winter.

A man, alone with its electronics, the whole universe flying around in tiny grains. Partly inspired by Stanislaw Lem's masterwork "Solaris" and from the Tarkowskij's movie as well.

Passionately staring inward, towards a tumult that may scarcely get named, "Inherited and Partially Transmitted" can be seen as an Inner Space Soundtrack with darker drone textures over which unearthly sounds, sourced from guitar and flutes, dance, twirl and crackle.

It contains the acclaimed thirty minutes long "All That Fall", an open heart research into sufist transcendental philosophy, slow and real, almost painful in its rigour.

"Questo ritorno di aal sarà ben accetto a quegli estimatori che, a suo tempo, non hanno messo le mani sui suoi primi CD"
Sound and Silence [more]

"Drones di malinconia, densi di presagio, accompagnano questo solitario excursus elettronico, oscuro e concreto, autenticamente smarrito nello spazio profondo"
Blow Up [more]

"The sound quality fits very well with these atmospheres - I wouldn't call it "lo-fi", but rather "dusty". It's like an old sepia-print..."
Chain D.L.K. [more]