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sidra: a swampadelic blessing of downtown sf - the official bootleg

  Artist: Sidra
Title: A Swampadelic Blessing of Downtown SF - The Official Bootleg
Format: CD-R ltd. to 100 copies in pro-printed cardboard sleeve
Tracks: 10
Playing time: 37:55
Release date: April 2006
File under: Post-noise Guitar Grooves / Desktop Jazz


Track List:

1.  Introducing...  1:38

2.  Swamp and Bridges as Hippy Revenge   4:25

3.  Getting Along With Hidden Particles   5:07

4.  Sudden Suspension of Harmonics   2:53

5.  Windows From Shattered Stairs  4:23

6.  Subtle Entry to Biologic Filters   3:33

7.  Torn Sidewalks, Once More   4:39

8.  Burnt State of Evolved Mind   2:53

9.  Heat Reversal Via Volume Exchange   4:27

10.  Windows From Shattered Stairs (Nude)  3:37



Sidra is a new collaborative project between P. NG5361. Bandera (from post industrial Italian pioneers Sigillum S, Sshe Retina Stimulants, Komplet and many other sonic extremities) and Tiberio Longoni (former guitarist of seminal Italian punk originators Jumpers and 198X, as well as 80’s psychedelic legends Peter Sellers & The Hollywood Party).

Here they have decided to give a jarring audio shape to their long standing friendship and merge very different musical histories through a common cultural background (where series of antagonist social / ideological references show a cutting edge mix of future driven and vintage alternative expression modes).

The result so far is a dense mesh of post-noise guitar canals, mating with desktop jazz and redefining blues as heard from the ears of hybrid creatures from a Yellow Lagoon…

"A topical discovery among occult dirt and illuminated dystopia, an anti-corporative intoxication of primordial juices, hanging like myths and spells in the forgotten backyards of neglected bars. This burst into the recreational divination of psalms and toasts, swinging like debris from the brains of long dead celebrations.

With the crazed fervours of desktop processing and decanted improvisations, meta jazz 21st century hyper buzz slits the air and calls for revelation from dusted line of blue vinyl and ringing pick-ups, chanting in bubbles of spit and low life microbs.

More than ever, frenzy and bliss erupt in distorted fashion, drilling away factories and businesses, in a swirling benediction of fur and dread.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Loop based electronic music with a big human feel, "old fashioned" but in a really interesting way. Honestly that's one of my favourite releases of the new Afe lot."
Chain D.L.K. (1) [more]

"Vasto il curriculum di Bandera e Longoni, con militanza in sigle di importante esposizione non solo nei nostri confini come, rispettivamente, Sigillum S e Peter Sellers & The Hollywood Party, che sotto il moniker Sidra debuttano con "A Swampadelic Blessing of Downtown SF - The Official Bootleg". Un crimine sia edito in soli 100 CD-R."
Blow Up [more]

"Sidra's music goes far beyond the codified notions of rock, jazz, blues and even electronica and the stodgy clichès of post-rock. It sounds like a more structured and jazzy version of the so called post-post rock played by artists on the Intr_version label."
Chain D.L.K. (2) [more]

"A Swampadelic Blessing" è cupo ma non angosciante, a tratti ripetitivo ma raramente ossessivo, strano ma non eccessivo, visionario ma non straniante, a tratti perfino rilassante. Prevalentemente costruito su loops di varia provenienza (molti sembrano quasi – e forse sono – campioni di musica jazz), il disco scorre tra rigurgiti dub, inciampi drum & bass, rallentamenti illbient, scariche drill, isterismi quasi industrial, ma tutto tutto sempre con il contagocce, tanto che in nessuno di questi generi si può classificare la fatica dei due autori."
Sound and Silence [more]

"Gli incipit delle tracce strumentali svelano con un certo incedere ipnotico, una miriade di fraseggi e ritmiche che mutano in modo opaco, ora rallentate e cadenzate, ora più accelerati e aggressive, mentre, il sapiente dosaggio di loop, drones e sferragliate impovvise e decise ci avvolgono in ambientazioni ancora più inquietanti, quasi un continuo stato d'allarme. Inutile soffermarsi su una o due tracce di "A Swampadelic Blessing...", sarebbe come togliere un tassello importante alla struttura d'insieme, che non consente una selezione troppo particolareggiata, anche perché coinvolge in maniera continua e totale."
Sound and Silence (2) [more]