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Im Innersten [afe109lcd]

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Tiziano Milani, acoustic architect, approached experimental music in the second half of the '90. His passion for the "collected" sounds led him to devote his work to this particular kind of music.

"Nothing in the sounds I pick up is affirmed with will and enterprise, but rather whispered or murmured almost by chance, just like a conversation unintentionally heard on a subway train, or accidentally eavesdropped through the wall of an hotel room. The approach to sounds must not be simplified because every single sound is nothing but a small part of a whole which should be considerated in its own theoretic - and then mechanic - execution. Several different stages of work are stratified in every single piece (contemporary or not). In some cases sounds are generated by touching, beating and breaking contact-miked objects. In other cases, they are the results of manipulated fluxes. In the audio tracks everything is deposited like in a melting-pot than receives and mixes alchemies. The work on sounds involves differect aspects such as improvisation, which is seen like the ecstasy of the moment, like a synthesis between meditation and execution, contemplation and composition, but also a sense of void. The improvisation, the play by meaning of coincidences and casualities, are elements so important that resolve themselves in the idea of process/performance. One of the techniques I use consists into a stratification of the musical form, through which the same elements can have a different expressive function. This kind of "formal deepness" allows to move from the "background" element to the note / musical element in the "foreground" with continuity. Sounds have a decisive role in a social context, and their variation often determines a consequent change in the relations occurring at that time."

Tiziano Milani's music was released on CD-R by Setola di Maiale ("Chamber Music For Screeching and Artificial Insects" and "Music As a Second Language") and as freely downloadable Mp3s by the Chew'z net-label ("SuoniOggettiRisonanti").

"Im Innersten", Tiziano Milani's fourth full-lenght solo work was released by Afe in October 2008.