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In case anyone is wondering about it, Afe stands for "Another Friendly Edition". Our catalogue focuses mostly on experimental, weird - or simply cool - music made with extensive use of electronic instruments and/or treatments.

Besides releasing music,
Afe also offers an audio mastering service and a pins/buttons manufacturing service to bands, labels, individuals, etc. You can learn more about these services visiting the audio mastering and pins/buttons departments.

The aim of Afe is to break down the barriers existing in electronic music and its efforts are addressed to all the fearless / open-minded listeners who will be able to get over the terrible shock of seeing such extremely different productions standing side by side.

Up till 2010 most of the Afe releases were published as limited edition CD-Rs with high quality packages. Since 2011, Afe releases mostly factory-pressed limited edition CDs.

Our latest releases are the following:
"Login", the latest solo album by our best friend Fausto Balbo, published as an Afe / Snowdonia collaboration, which offers more than one hour of uncompromising electronic music and DPOAE techniques; "Mexico" by Sparkle in Grey, their newest album after "A Quiet Place", released in 2008 by cult label Disasters by Choice, and the split vinyl LP with British artist Tex La Homa entitled "Whale Heart"; the first CD offering by our Electronica / IDM precious star Leeza published in collaboration with his own Moonfear label; an impressive experimental CD that documents a collaboration between Andrea Marutti & Fausto Balbo, aptly entitled "Detrimental Dialogue" and published as an Afe / Boring Machines / Fratto9 Under The Sky joint-release.

Thinking about our other more recent releases we can't help to mention the following: a full-lenght experimental work by acclaimed american sound artist John Hudak; a collaboration between Italian maestro Maurizio Bianchi and Israeli veteran producer and multi-instrumentalist musician Maor Appelbaum; "Ustrina", an experimental work by Brian Lavelle; a collection of ambient / experimental tracks by Russian musician and composer Evgeny Voronovsky a.k.a. Cisfinitum; a work by german young experimentalist Mirko Uhlig; a collaboration between the well-known Italian industrialists Ur and American musician / sound designer Craig Hilton; an album by brilliant New Zealand sound sculptress Abby Helasdottir best known as Gydja, quite a magickal listening experience; "Kapnos", a CD album by the Meerkat "all-stars" ensemble (Adriano Zanni/Punck, Matteo Uggeri/Hue, Luca Sigurtà, Luca Bergero/Fhievel, Davide Valecchi/aal, Andrea "Ics" Ferraris, Fabio Selvafiorita, Paolo Ippoliti & Laura Lovreglio (Logoplasm) and Andrea Marutti/Amon); the latest work by Canadian field recordist and sound artist Mathieu Ruhlmann; "Waiting For the Darkness", a new chapter in the "transcommunication actions" by K11/Pietro Riparbelli, which also contains a videoclip.

In 2005 we celebrated our tenth anniversary with a big party and a *huge* on-line compilation aptly entitled "Breaking Down the Barriers 1995-2005, Ten Years of Afe".

Past releases also include music by: Bad Sector, De Fabriek, Aidan Baker, Frog Pocket and Maeror Tri (all sold out since long...), Amon, Never Known, Telepherique (including their collaborations with Ultra Milkmaids and Maurizio Bianchi), Komplet and Sidra (two projects by Paolo Bandera, member of Sigillum S), Raffaele Serra (Italian electronic pioneer best known for his Five Thousand Spirits CDs made with Alio Die), Dronæment (great drone-based project from Germany), Moan (an interesting Industrial Ambient project from Poland), Bestia Centauri (an avantgarde composer inspired by the Lovecraftian universe) and True Colour Of Blood (a master of guitar-based Ambient/Dark Ambient music).

Other artists who had releases on Afe are: aal, Cría Cuervos, Logoplasm, Edward Ruchalski, Steve Brand (a.k.a. Augur), Cordell Klier, Pholde, Ninth Desert (ex Exotoendo and Lecanora), The Infant Cycle, Horchata, Non Ethos (...one half of Northaunt), The Impossible Flower, Sam & Valley, a034, Mark Hamn, Alistair Crosbie, Fhievel, Tiziano Milani, Subinterior, Nimh, and many, many more... The complete list is available here.

Forthcoming releases include: a reprint of Bad Sector's "Retrovirus", originally released on Afe back in 2001; the second collaborative CD by Andrea Marutti and Andrea "Ics" Ferraris (Ur, Airchamber3, Ulna, etc.) under the Sil Muir guise, and more surprises that, as usual, will be unveiled very soon...

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demo policy

If you're an electronic music maker you may wish to have your music published by Afe. Please note that despite the high quality both of the music and the packages Afe is not a big business. We are always busy working on forthcoming releases and as you read these lines we have releases planned until the next 12 or so months.

That's the reason why we have decided to not accept demos. If you read these lines and you still want to send us a demo you should know that we may not be able to properly listen to it for weeks or even months. Please don't expect a quick reply from us. We're not unfriendly but we're very stressed, so please help us to get through this pain: don't send us a demo. Please also keep in mind that even if we may enjoy your music, we may not be able to release it. In case you're some stubborn guy who really want to send us a demo just like it was a matter of "life or death", please send your music only on CD-R. Any other format won't be considered at all, sorry. If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to get in touch and we'll do our best to reply in a reasonable time.

how do you say "afe"?

We've been asked about the correct spelling of "Afe" a thousand times... We decided to create a very small .mp3 file (about 0.2 mb) so that everyone can download it and listen. Here it is: A-F-E

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Well, well, well... The whole world love the Afe website, needless to say that we are happiest about it! Here's the credits.


Afe is based in Milan, Italy, and is run by Andrea Marutti. If you want to drop us a few lines, our address is: