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The Infant Cycle

Releases on Afe:
Our Past Present (Now Then) [afe086mlcd]

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Everything you've never heard about The Infant Cycle is true.

The Infant Cycle was begun in 1992 by Jim DeJong, as a 21st birthday present to himself, and therefore is also under the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Previously, he was a member of Chronic Remorse, and Mind-skelp-cher (replaced by Muffy of UPhold). Since then, The Infant Cycle has steadily created a large number of releases (tape, CD, CD-R, vinyl, MP3, etc...) working with both "musical" and "non-musical" objects to create soundscapes that don't easily fit ready-made descriptions.

The Infant Cycle has worked with Orphx, Aidan Baker, W.A. Davison, Delphium, Neboysha Rakic, Dronæment, Antmanuv, Phycus and Jared Davison,
to name a few, and has released recordings on numerous labels worldwide (including EE Tapes, Blade Records, Moloko+, Locus of Assemblage...).

Compilation tracks have appeared on labels such as SSSM, Achtung Baby!, Field Muzick, Fear Drop, RRR and many more. The Infant Cycle's home is The Ceiling, a label, studio and workspace located in Canada.

Jim DeJong is pleased to be partnered with UPhold for "Our Past Present (Now Then)" on Afe. Muffy is an old friend dating back to the early '90s Canadian
experimental tape scene, and both have worked together on occasion.

The Infant Cycle is generally distrustful of artist biographies, as they can lead to explanations that influence (and minimize) the listener's interpretation of what they are hearing, and therefore the project tends to only provide minimal information about its output. Turn the words off, and let sunshine in...

"Our Past Present (Now Then)" was released by Afe in April 2007.