[artists] cría cuervos

Cría Cuervos

Releases on Afe:
Vor Feuerschlünden [afe092lcd]

On the web:

Cría Cuervos is the music project of italian sound artist Eugenio Maggi.

Influenced by surrealism, minimalism, Drone and Industrial music, Hard Core/Punk and Grind, his music has evolved from more noisy experiments and now sits somewhere in between darker ambience and electroacoustic.

During the years he created several full-lenght solo works and also collaborated with artist such as Paul Bradley, Sparkle in Grey, Ninth Desert and Maurizio Bianchi.

His music was released on many international labels: Immanence, Thisco, Mystery Sea, Taalem, Twenty Hertz and Dielectric Records.

He also writes music reviews for the italian webzine Chain D.L.K.

His "Vor Feuerschlünden" (...German for "Before Throats of Fire"...) was released by Afe in April 2007.