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Steve Brand

Releases on Afe:
Looking Into the Other [afe094lcd]
Awakensong [afe084lcd]

On the web:

Steve Brand has been creating sound art and visual art since the mid-80's. From 1995 to 2003 he was active as Augur, creating obscure and organic music which was released on many labels worldwide, including The Foundry, Manifold, Alluvial, Self-Abuse and many more.

During the years he had the chance to collaborate with many artists such as Jeph Jerman (Hands To, Animist Orchestra), Rick Kitch (I Am Umbrella, Lucky Cricket), PBK, James P. Keeler (Wilt), Brooke Oates (Birds of Tin), etc.

His atmosphere, alarmingly austere, with varying shades of gray, are drenched in allusion and a heightened sense of cinematic noir for the listener.

Sound sources include: traditional musical instruments, found and handmade objects, toys, voice, microphones, field recordings, primitive electronics and more sophisticated electronics.

Afe released his "Awakensong" in April 2006 and "Looking Into the Other" in April 2007.

Most recently, his work has become widely available on CD Baby and iTunes, and was included on the nationally syndicated radio show, "Hearts of Space" in October 2007 edition entitled "Darkwater", along with the work of Michael Stearns and other artists.

"I am committed to the idea that art/music, more than being a product or an industry, is actually a fluid and transformative process (in an alchemical sense), with it's roots in our common ancient past and preconscious depths, and that the results of this process are maps of/to lost and uncharted realms. In a culture of encroaching technology, increasing hyper-rationality, and stifling binary thought, I feel it is not only a radical approach, but of increasing importance (as both an artist and as a male in this society), to address feeling, intuition, the unacknowledged subtleties of the totality of being. Mystery and discovery. I love the idea that sound might be the purest kind of communication. Some people have said that they hear and see some darkness in what I do: to me, what they interpret as darkness is a love of mystery. I feel that what we are as beings, collectively and individually, remains in shadow for most of us, and works of art made with the intention of delving into those mysteries can be an aural map to lost knowledge. I see my art work as documents that are infused with the energy of that intent."