[artists] true colour of blood

True Colour Of Blood

Releases on Afe:
(Absence) [afe052cd]

The Significance Of Secrecy [afe032lcd]
A.A.V.V.: No Abiding Places [afe030lcd]

Related releases:
Rensek: Rensek EP [afe50008]
A.A.V.V.: Teddy Bear Remix Project [afe024box]

On the web:

Once again, it’s time to take your musical pre- (and mis-) conceptions and check them at the door. Form, melody, rhythm, chords: these words represent nothing but rules, barriers and walls which only serve to limit the places where "music" can exist or reach towards.

True Colour Of Blood couldn't care less about anyone's predetermined ideas about what music is or should be. Eric Kesner’s music can best be described as "Ambient" or “Dark Ambient”, but he manage to break even the rules (if there are any such thing) of this genre by making his music with only guitars instead of the usual array of synths and samplers…

Eric Kesner started recording as True Colour Of Blood in early 1997 using only guitar, drum programming, tape manipulation and a 4-tracks recorder. After taking part to a few compilations, he decided to promote his music on the www.mp3.com website. His great "Twilight State Dream" had a #1 spot in the Dark Ambient chart for a few weeks showcasing his talent in creating beautiful and abstract guitar soundscapes.

In 2001 two CD-R album were simultaneously released on Afe in Italy and on Soulworm in Poland bringing his music to the attention of many european deep listeners. Reviews of these works were always enthusiast to say the less.

Through all 2002 Eric was very busy taking new recordings for his forthcoming "(Absence)" CD that was released in July 2003 as an Afe / Eibon collaboration.

Eric Kesner is also involved in creating different music with his other DJ Drexel and Rensek projects. A couple of DJ Drexel remixes and the Rensek debut EP were recently released on Afe in 2002-2003.

"I wanted to create some music that would be mind altering, or something that would just mess with your head when you listened to it. I was basically creating music that I wanted to hear that I didn't know existed. I wanted something new. Over the last few years my sound got a lot more Ambient and then grew a lot darker and more minimal. I don't know if it's been a conscious effort to take the guitar and get sounds out of it that don't sound like guitar. It's really been about experimenting and trying to find sounds that interest me." [Eric Kesner]*

* Quote taken from an interview conducted by Andrea Marutti in October 2001. Read the complete interview here.