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Sil Muir

Releases on Afe:
In the Depths of Winter I Finally Learned There Was In Me an Invincible Summer [afe131cd]

On the web:

Sil Muir is the latest guitar-based ambient/drone project of Andrea "Ics" Ferraris and Andrea Marutti.

Andrea Ferraris is a self-teached musician coming from an hardcore / experimental background. With the passing of years he developed a natural attitude for experimentation.

Currently he plays with Airchamber 3 and Ur. He has also played - or is playing - with: Deep End, Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick, Ulna, Luminance Ratio, St.ride, Cría Cuervos, One Fine Day, Burning Defeat, Marylin Tognolli, Valerio Zucca, Alessandro Cartolari, Claudio Parodi, En, Permanent Scar, Polis.

His music was published by Camera Obscura, Genet Records, Fratto 9 Under the Sky, Zahr, Shove, Loveboat, etc.

Andrea Marutti began his experiments with music in the early '90s. He is better known for his Amon and Never Known projects. He had several releases on Eibon, Amplexus, Silentes, Nextera, Drone, Taâlem, etc.

He is also responsible of many other projects dealing with different styles of electronic music: Lips Vago, Wolkspurz & Ramirez, Spiral, etc. Recently he also started recording and releasing music under his own name, in duo with Nimh as Hall of Mirrors and again in duo with Davide Del Col (Ornament, Echran) as Molnija Aura.

After a collaborative MiniCD-R 3" with Horchata released by Taâlem and a lengthy track released on the "Jeringas Compilation: Play To BN Chora, Jugement" CD by Transf.Order, the untitled Sil Muir debut CD album was published by Diophantine Discs in 2009.

The second Sil Muir CD entitled - long breath - "In the Depths of Winter I Finally Learned There Was In Me an Invincible Summer" is going to be released by Afe in 2012.