[artists] pietro riparbelli - k11

Releases on Afe:
Waiting For the Darkness [afe126lcd]

On the web:

"I dedicate myself to sound study related to the environment, with particular reference to concrete music, to phenomenology of perception and invisible phenomena.

Currently I'm dedicating to the world of radio transmission and communication using only sound sources from short wave radio receivers and other types of signals.

PT-R and K 11 are two parallel projects.

PT-R is a project that deals with the way to create sound landscapes making the use of environmental sounds (field recordings). In this project I use only sounds coming from the world.

K 11 is a project that deals with the world of radio signals, the trans-communication and other invisible phenomena, to create a dimension where the only sound sources are signals from shortwave radio receivers. In this project I use only sounds coming from the atmosphere and from invisible places."

Many music works created by Pietro Riparbelli were released by Radical Matters in Italy during the recent years. A Collaboration he did with the Japanese cyberpunk writer Kenji Siratori was also released by Hypermodern Records.

A K11 work recorded inside the Abbey of Thelema in Cefalù - Sicily, Southern Italy - aptly entitled "Voices From Thelema" was published by well-known label Aurora Borealis in the United Kingdom during early 2009. More K11 releases were published in 2010 by Boring Machines and Actual Noise.

Riparbelli often performs his sound installations in festivals and art galleries, he also creates sonic objects for specific projects and performs instrumental transcommunication actions using short waves radio receivers.

Afe released "Waiting For the Darkness", a new K11 work, in May 2010.