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Born in Rome in 1965, Giuseppe Verticchio a.k.a. Nimh, computer programmer, started to play electronic music in 1994. In the beginning all his musical productions were based on computer sequencing and synthesized sounds.

In 1998, after releasing many tapes and CD-Rs in private editions, he produced his first official work entitled "Fragments from the Lost Time" which included three long ritual-ambient suites.

Since 1999 he started to use a lot of ethnic instruments combining their sounds with those of the synthesizers creating an excellent mix of acoustic / electronic ambient-experimental music. In particular he learned to play the Didjeridoo, and in 1999 also released "Tjukurpa", entirely played on the Didjeridoo.

Member of the "Biasthon" project, he has participated to the realization of "Litam", their first CD-R, in 2001. In the same year he started to sign his musical productions with the "Nimh" moniker.

Giuseppe Verticchio enjoy collecting and playing many ethnic instruments, expecially those typical of Thailand, a country where he often travels. In the recent years he used Thai instruments in many occasions on some of his CD-Rs, such as "Resonant Ambiences", "Distant Skylines" and "Lanna Memories".

On the contrary, the use of electronic sounds and devices prevails on many of his other releases such as "Frozen", "Line of Fire" and "The Impossible Days".

Nowadays Giuseppe Verticchio uses any kind of sound source (synthesizers, ethnic instruments, field recordings, softwares...) to create his music, combining them in many ways, so that each of his releases sounds quite different from the others.

Two Nimh CD albums were published by Amplexus in 2004, more of his music was susequently released on Silentes.