[artists] sidra


Releases on Afe:
A Swampadelic Blessing of Downtown SF - The Official Bootleg [afe082lcd]

On the web:
www.myspace.com/ssheretinastimulants www.sigillum-s.com/

Sidra is a new collaborative project between P. NG5361. Bandera (from post industrial Italian pioneers Sigillum S, Sshe Retina Stimulants, Komplet and many other sonic extremities) and Tiberio Longoni (former guitarist of seminal Italian punk originators Jumpers and 198X, as well as 80’s psychedelic legends Peter Sellers & The Hollywood Party).

Here they have decided to give a jarring audio shape to their long standing friendship and merge very different musical histories through a common cultural background (where series of antagonist social / ideological references show a cutting edge mix of future driven and vintage alternative expression modes).

The result so far is a dense mesh of post-noise guitar canals, mating with desktop jazz and redefining blues as heard from the ears of hybrid creatures from a Yellow Lagoon…

Afe published the first Sidra CD-R release in April 2006, other activities (productions, live appearances, etc.) are planned.