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Ninth Desert

Releases on Afe:
Different Trouble Experiences of Twilight [afe073lcd]

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Ninth Desert is the latest solo project of Cyril Herry from France, also known before as Ashes To Ashes, Sechres Mound (a duo in collaboration with Toy Bizarre), Lecanora and Exotoendo.

During the years his music has been released by many international labels including Athanor, Old Europa Cafe, Harmonie, Verato Project, Taâlem / Kokeshidisk and Mystery Sea.

Cyril also created different short movies and video installations in France since 2001, and a video work for Troum showed during their tour in Germany and Austria in 2004 should be released on DVD very soon.

After taking part to our 10th year celebrative on-line compilation back in late 2005, Ninth Desert's first full-lenght release entitled "Different Trouble Experiences of Twilight" was released by Afe in April 2007.