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Mark Hamn

Releases on Afe:
Je déchire l'ongle aux criminels [afe103lcd]

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Francesco Giannico, best known as Mark Hamn, originates from Carosino a small town near Taranto, in the southern part of Italy.

He's graduated in "Musicology and Musical Heritage" at the University of Lecce with a thesis on "History of film music".

Musically he was born as an indie-guitarist, but an unexpected convergence with experimental electronic music some ten years ago changed his musical orientation, driving him into a different direction.

During the recent years several of his works were published on the Internet in the form of free downloadable albums by popular net labels, including the italian Sine3pm.

His musical approach is better described as a cinematic journey which pushes the boundaries of digital media even further by incorporating smooth melodies and gentle textures.

More canonical instruments such as guitar and piano are constantly present into Mark's music, within interrupted structures or long and dreaming sonorous carpets.

His latest work entitled "Je déchire l'ongle aux criminels" was released in April 2007 as a friendly co-production between Afe and Bar La Muerte.