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Frog Pocket

Releases on Afe:
Caric Kils [afe035lcd]
Neck [afe50001]

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A.A.V.V.: Teddy Bear Remix Project [afe024box]

On the web:

Frog Pocket is John Charles Wilson from Ayr (Ayrshire, Scotland). He has been active and prolific within the scottish scene since 1996. Mouthmoth, his own small record label, is surely the best in Scotland for weird and oblique electronic music.

Frog Pocket's music is truly personal and innovative, and with the passing of time his unique "broken beats" technique has reached the state of the art. John defines his music as "splatterbeat folk". This description may sound strange but it's probably the most appropriate.

The key to most of his tunes is juxtaposition, where gritty complex and fascinating percussive beds are placed against lyrical musical lines. Beautiful guitar melodies and ambient textures fill his tracks and a fiddle also appears each now and then bringing in the joy and sadness of traditional scottish music.

After several full-lenght CD-R releases and EPs on his own Mouthmoth label, Greg Davis/Parallel's Autumn Records and Afe, a 7" on Mike Paradinas/Mu-Ziq's Planet Mu bringed John's music to the attention of a wider audience.

As an attempt to capture the essence of this great man, Benbecula, the stunning label from Edimburgh, released a wonderful 30 minutes long EP entitled "Moon Mountain of the Fords" in late 2003.

More of his music was released later both on Planet Mu and Benbecula. Frog Pocket's star is shining in the firmament of electronic music, let yourself be dazzled by his light.