[artists] the impossible flower

The Impossible Flower

Releases on Afe:
Anthophobia [afe064lcd]
Roots and Fruits [afe063lcd]

Related releases:
Sparkle In Grey / A.A.V.V.: The Echoes of Thiiings / Fadiiing Echoes [afe060lcd]

On the web:

The concept for The Impossible Flower was spawned by Andrew David Daly lossely based on a character written some years ago.

The Impossible Flower was a magic organism that survived a nuclear holocaust and grew upwards sprouting forth seeds of different plants and vegetables to help rebuild the surrounding nature. The Flower made new seeds which turned into a multitude of great things. Now the Flower also generates music...

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, his place of birth and keeper of his soul, after being part of a few bands, Andrew approached electronic music using an Amiga 500 with Pro Tracker.

Originally his music was played under the Digital Butter moniker: one of his earlier tracks entitled "Into Deep and Treated" was released in U.K. on the "From the Grey Nook" compilation CD in 2000.

He successfully collaborated with other artists mainly in the underground scene of his hometown and played various gigs all over U.K. supporting close friend John Charles Wilson a.k.a. Frog Pocket.

As clearly testified by "Roots and Fruits" and "Anthophobia", The Impossible Flower's music is open to a large number of influences, encompassing anything from Ambient guitar narrative to overclocked Drill'n'Bass frenzy.

In 2004 Gareth Dickson joined The Impossible Flower and the project became a duo. In 2005 Andrew and Gareth self-released two highly enjoyable guitar-based EPs entitled "The Mumps" and "Each Year of Our Lives". The latter was subsequently picked up by Polymorphic Music and included among their net-releases.

Recorded between 2000 and 2002, when The Impossible Flower was still a solo project, "Roots and Fruits" was released by Afe in April 2006.

A collection of previously self-released material was compiled by Benbecula a few months later and released as one of the best contributions to their monthly Mineral Series.

"Anthophobia", an album showcasing the other side of The Impossible Flower - still recorded in solo mode by Andrew David Daly - was released by Afe in April 2007.