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Cordell Klier

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Measure Here and Be Now [afe091lcd]

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Cordell Klier is an avantgarde sound artist, graphic designer and label owner from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Since the beginning of his career in music Cordell has continued to carve his own trails and musical nitches with his sincere abilities to bridge the widest of gaps between many of the divided music cultures and sub-cultures. Sometimes to the dismay, and sometimes to the rejoicing of critics and fans alike.

Through the years he has worked within many genres of sound. Everything from Noise to Metal, to Punk, Pop and Hip Hop, but currently recognising silence, drone, and glitch as his main mediums of output.

Starting out in 1987 with his first Metal band Shadow, Cordell has since moved on to form numerous other acts such as Vedisni, Dream Eternal, Climb to Zalem, No Human Day, Monstrare, Under Crushing Wings and more.

He has since started a tape label in 1993 called Will Crushed Communications. A few years later he started a CD-R label called Doctrine Insectuas which later became his highly successful CD/LP label Doctsect.

Known for his irreverant stage performances and thought provoking spoken word, Cordell's vocal work is also something that is generating a lot of draw in his local scene.

He also works part time at Lava Lounge as an apparel coordinator for fun, and is a freelance graphic design consultant for many small businesses around The Twin Cities / Metro area.

His music was successfully released by many labels worldwide including Ad Noiseam, Dragon Flight Recordings, Angle Records, Mystery Sea and many more.

His "Measure Here and Be Now" was released by Afe in April 2007.