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Ultra Milkmaids

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A-C Symbiose [afe031lcd]

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Ultra Milkmaids started in June 1993 as a three people band: Y., his brother R. and O.. In early 1997 O. left the band and since 1998-1999 the project is conducted by Y. and, sometimes, R..

In the beginning Y., O. and R. were all playing in a punk-rock band named The Chicken In The Kitchen along with two other people. When the band splitted they started Ultra Milkmaids with R. on bass, O. on drums and percussions and Y. on guitars.

Ultra Milkmaids's first recordings were very noisy and similar to Helmet or other bands on the english label Earache. Their sound became more experimental along the road as they were influenced by different bands like The Ex, Dog Faced Hermans, Moonshake, John Zorn, Fred Frith, etc. Shortly after they discovered Techno music and bands like Coil and Maeror Tri.

During Summer 1994, O. decided to get into computer music using his Amiga and stopped playing drums. In the meantime Y. and R. approached guitar playing in a more unconventional way, using lots of delay and effects.

This new direction was documented on a demotape which attracted the attention of the french label Oxalis, who released "Moderor", a split LP with the techno band Unit Moebius, in December 1994.

Following that release, several Ultra Milkmaids tapes were published on many labels in France and Germany and on their own U Mohol, leading to a 7" and a 12" on Noise Museum Records. It was at that time, January 1997, that O. left the band and started producing his own music under the name of Blue Baboon.

Since 1999 R. didn't have much time to dedicate to Ultra Milkmaids and Y. became the only effective member of the project, with R. providing some help each now and then. In 2001 R. got back full-time to Ultra Milkmaids, who became, again, a two people affair.

In the latest years their music has been published by labels such as Staaplaat, Ant-Zen, Noctovision, Drone Records, Rendezouz Radical, etc. They also collaborated with Telepherique, Celluloid Mata, V., Inox Kapell, Aidan Baker, Vance Orchestra, etc.

Y. is also the guitarist of the great surf bands The Surfin' Barmaids and The Star And Key Of Indian Ocean.