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"Early Poor Loops For Krishna"


Industrial / Noise. In 1994, during his university studies in multimedia communications at the Faculty of Design in Milan (his hometown), Matteo Uggeri - aka Hue - started making musical/sound experiences using an old PC and creating rhythms putting some sticky tape on vinyls: this is how Der Einzige, a cheap and extreme project made in collaboration with his friend Camillo, was born. "Early Poor Loops For Krishna" contains some of Der Einzige's very first short recordings. Here's more details about them in Hue's own words: "As everyone can easily guess, this record was made with very poor equipment many years ago (sometime between 1994 and 1995) at my place. At that time I was very young and fond of Industrial music. These crazy and spontaneous tracks are dedicated to the music of some of the heroes of my youth. I hope that someone will appreciate my efforts at recording my own Industrial music for Industrial teenagers like me. The use of Krishna image and name is not intended to harm or offend anyone: the vinyl LP used as main sound source for these recordings contained many devotional chants dedicated to him..." [more]


  CD-R Card
50 copies
April 2007

Cabaret Montesquieu

Nocturnal F-Arts



"Aube noire"


Avantgarde. Punck is the pseudonym chosen by Adriano Zanni, born in 1964 and currently living in Ravenna, for his experimental music project. After some seminal experiences during the '80s, he approached electronic music in the late '90s using the web as a preferred way of trade and diffusion. Punck creates his sound canvas manipulating many different kinds of acoustic sources with audio editors and softwares. Among such sources we find digital synthesis, contact microphones and field-recordings. He participated to many experimental music festivals in Italy and nowadays he keeps to privilege live activities. During his sets he uses laptop, portable CD players, various objects and selfmade videoclips. His first full lenght CD album entitled "Nowhere Campfire Tapes" was released in April 2005 as a Ctrl+Alt+Canc / Afe joint venture. "A Constant Migration (Between Reality and Fiction)", his second CD, was released by portuguese label Creative Sources Recordings In October 2006. "Aube noire" collects three very short compositions recorded by Punck during 2005/2006... [more]


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50 copies
April 2007

Aube noire



"Journey Through the Shadow of the Sun"


Ambient / Drone Music. The Afeman is one of the multiple personality of Andrea Marutti, best known as Amon, Never Known, Lips Vago and Afe label owner. Recently he also started recording and releasing experimental/ambient tracks under his own name, in duo with Nimh / Giuseppe Verticchio as Hall of Mirrors, and again in duo with Andrea "Ics" Ferraris as Sil Muir. Madame P is the latest musical incarnation of italian artist Patrizia Oliva. In the past she was a co-founder and member of the seminal all-female band Allun. She was also a member of Rosas Y Tulipanes duo along with Luca Pagani, guitarist of the alternative rock back Viclarsen. She collaborates with Luca Sigurtà in the highly experimental project Macaya, and with Tommaso Rolando and Marco Ravera, guitarist and double bass player of the acclaimed jazz/fusion band Calomito, in the impro/jazzy combo Toba. Recently she also started a collaboration with drummer/experimentalist Stefano Giust giving life to the Camusi duo. "Journey Through the Shadow of the Sun" is The Afeman's radical reworking of "Ombra di sole", one of Madame P's finest solo vocal tracks originally recorded and mixed by well-known italian electronic maestro Fausto Balbo. Madame P's voice is overcome by The Afeman's treatments and it is turned into an infinite array of ghostly whispers and hisses which slowly build up a droney lamentation of biblical proportions... [more]


  MiniCD-R 3"
50 copies
April 2007

Journey Through the Shadow of the Sun [excerpt]



"Maximum Result / Minimum Effort"


Experimental / Minimal. Do you find yourself putting in long hours at work or your business only to feel at the end of the day that you haven’t accomplished anything? Would you like to become more efficient and achieve more with less effort? [more]


  CD-R Card
50 copies
April 2006

Ghost of the Fly

Purr, Purr, Purring




"April's Fool"


Experimental / Noise. Madame P is the latest musical incarnation of italian artist Patrizia Oliva. In the past she was a co-founder and member of the seminal all-female band Allun. She was also a member of Rosas Y Tulipanes duo along with Luca Pagani, guitarist of the alternative rock back Viclarsen. The Afeman is one of the multiple personality of Andrea Marutti, best known as Amon, Never Known, Lips Vago and Afe label owner. His music was released in Italy and abroad by labels such as Amplexus, Drone Records, Eibon Records, Field Muzick, Taâlem, Bar La Muerte, etc. Source material for "April's Fool" was recorded direct to Mini-Disc during a long session at Lab12 on April the 1st 2005. Equipment used includes contact and regular microphones, glass, various objects, real-time effects and pedals... [more]


  MiniCD-R 3"
50 copies
April 2006

More Fool Me

Trick Drawer





Experimental / Ambient / Glitch / Field Recordings. aal is Davide Valecchi from Florence, Italy. He started this project in early 2001 with the precious support of Paolo Ippoliti and Laura Lovreglio [a.k.a. Logoplasm, owners of the S'Agita Recordings label]. Davide had a classical piano training in his childhood and then he focused his attention on electric guitars before finally discovering electronic music in the early '90s. After the privately self-released Ambient masterpieces "Disc1" and "Inherited and Partially Trasmitted", now available as a remastered double CD-R on Afe, aal's "13" was the very first CD-R release of the newborn S'Agita Recordings label. S'Agita also released aal's "Dear Dead Days" in 2002 and "In Luce" in early 2003. A Logoplasm / aal collaboration entitled "A Lifetime in a Blink" was also relesead on A La Verticale De L'Étè, a S'Agita Recordings sublabel. aal was conceived as an embodiment of a 'stream of consciousness', in which memories, dreams and portions of reality are mixed and cannot be separated. Electronics, concrete sounds and data flux try to evoke these elements following an istinctive course. The "Urania" box-set collects five full-lenght albums played, recorded and produced by aal between 2000 and 2004: "Disc2", "Disc3", "Composita solvantur", "Delicate Debris" and "Engine Summer". All music was carefully remastered by aal and Andrea Marutti on purpose of this release. "La Ruina", the sixth disc which completes this limited edition box-set, is sold separately and is only available on demand: each copy is personally finalized by the author himself... [more]


  5xCD-R Box-Set + [1xCD-R sold separately]
50 copies
April 2007

Dogstar Frequencies

Translucent Surface

Glass Glitches

Sand-Stained, Sun-Whitened

NGC Transmission III [excerpt]

Womb Litany

Fase solare [excerpt]

In Exitu


A Minor Renewal

A Paper Forest

Engine Summer

The Thin Identity You Wear

La Ruina [excerpt]





Drone / Experimental. Ellende has fastly got a very strong reputation in the Dark Ambient / Experimental scene. "Heroin" starts as a sparse and pleasantly vibrating drone-based piece and slowly get crowded with pulsating and swirling elements. As percussive sounds are introduced, the music evolves into some kind of hazy and hypnotic dream populated by creatures speaking with backward/high-pitched voices. Approaching the end, these elements slowly fade away leaving room for otherworldly noises/effects and a sort of vocoderized voice. [more]


  MiniCD-R 3"
50 copies
December 2004
  Heroin [excerpt]



"@ Superfici Sonore #3"

Ambient / Experimental. Details coming soon. [more]


50 copies
[to be released]
  I Am (Not) a Field Recordist



"Inner Photographs"

Ambient / ExperimentalIndustrial / Harsh Electronics. The "Inner Photographs" box-set consists of five discs and collects all the tracks produced by this project during its existence between 1996-1999. The musical contents are different for each disc and vary from Dark / Isolationist atmopheres to harsh and distorted assaults and more layered / structured paths. [more]


  5xCD-R Box-Set + [1xCD-R sold separately]
50 copies
December 2002

A Drowning Fish [excerpt]

Everything Floats

I Am

Il confine del tempo

Laudomia (City of the Deads) [excerpt]

Minimal [Zu Ende Gehen]

Song One

Stormy Stomach

The Commercial One

Useless Garden of Anxiety

Very Instable

NSO (Quite)

Anxiety Is Love

Serial Meet Parallel [excerpt]




"Une Spiral de Violence"

Dada / Audio Vérité. Both the artwork and the tracks on "Une Spiral de Violence" were produced by Spiral using only audio / video material broadcasted by european TVs during the infamous days of the G8 Meeting held in Genova, Italy, in July 2001. [more]


50 copies
March 2003

Le Plus Beau Jour de Ma Vie

Tout le Garçons et les Filles





"Rensek EP"

Minimal / Microscopic Explorations. Rensek is the new project of american guitarist Eric Kesner a.k.a. True Colour Of Blood. The nature of this very minimal glitchy EP is often so abstract and microscopic... People not accustomed to the outer limits of sonic exploration could easily read it as some kind of "trouble" in their electrical equipment or as a faulty disc. They wouldn't be so far from truth since most of the sounds on this EP were sourced from defective and skipping CDs... [more]


  MiniCD-R 3"
50 copies
March 2003

Aorist (TCOB Remix)





"Metal Chinchilla"

Computer Music / Minimal Electronica. This work was mostly assembled using sounds of a concrete nature heavily manipulated via intelligent use of DSP algorithms. Completely abstract stuff for all those wandering into the outer limits of sonic exploration. [more]


  MiniCD-R 3"
50 copies
July 2002





"Four Textures"

Rhythmic Gravel Propulsion. Four abstract textures from the makers of one of the best contributions to the "Teddy Bear Remix Project". [more]


  MiniCD-R 3"
50 copies
October 2001






"A Stuffed Crocodile"

Computer Music / Minimal Electronica. Brian Lavelle has been creating music for more than ten years. In "A Stuffed Crocodile" lots of digital information is layered into dense clusters which complement and contrast each other and somehow still appear to sound melodic and harmonic. [more]


  MiniCD-R 3"
50 copies
January 2002

A Stuffed Crocodile [excerpt]




"Sensible E.P."

Minimal Electronica. Andréas Marchal's debut release is a short collection of lively sound sculptures and tiny humorous vignettes. [more]


50 copies
May 2001






"Happy Sad"

Weird Electronica. ...or "When the Aphex Twin meets the Fart Machine": four of the strangest tracks you're going to listen in your whole life. [more]


  MiniCD-R 3"
50 copies
February 2001
[sold out]
  The Flying Brain



"Hidden Structures, Lost Places"

Dark Ambient. An introduction to the work of Hærleif Langås, of Northaunt fame. An experimental and sinister soundtrack for walking around waste lands. [more]


50 copies
July 2000
[sold out]

Anaerobic Bacterial Action


Post Human Era




Weird Electronica. You must listen it to believe it! [more]


50 copies
January 2000
[sold out]


Quorthon [i]

Zippy Dressnga