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ellende: heroin


Artist: Ellende
Title: Heroin
Format: MiniCD-R ltd. to 50 numbered copies in pro-printed triple folder cardboard minisleeve
Tracks: 1
Playing time: 20:29
Release date: December 2004
File under: Drone / Experimental


Track List:

1.  Heroin  20:29



During the recent years Ellende has fastly got a very strong reputation in the Dark Ambient / Experimental scene thanks to a bunch of CD-R and MP3 limited edition releases on many labels all over the world such as Tosom, Fukk God Lets Create, Zeromoon, Taâlem, Mystery Sea, Stridulum Recordings, Somnambulant Corpse and more.

Afe is proud to add another small piece to what seems to be an endless black'n'white jigsaw with "Heroin", a twenty minutes long MiniCD-R 3" released in our extremely limited LTD 50 serie.

"Heroin" starts as a sparse and pleasantly vibrating drone-based piece and slowly get crowded with pulsating and swirling elements.

As the swirlings continue and percussive sounds are introduced, the music evolves into some kind of hazy and hypnotic dream populated by creatures speaking with backward/high-pitched voices.

Approaching the end of the track, all these elements slowly fade away leaving room for otherworldly noises/effects and a sort of vocoderized voice.

As usual, the concept for this releases is focused on a writing by Wim Bontjes, a deceased Ellende member.

"Limited to a mere 50 copies, so hurry while you can, as it's very good"
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