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Madame P

Releases on Afe:
The Afeman vs. Madame P: Journey Through the Shadow of the Sun [afe50016]
Madame P & The Afeman: April's Fool [afe50014]
A.A.V.V.: Total Blackout [afe072]
A.A.V.V.: Teddy Bear Remix Project [afe024mp3]

Related releases:
A.A.V.V.: Teddy Bear Remix Project [afe024box]

On the web:

Madame P is the latest musical incarnation of italian artist Patrizia Oliva. In the past she was a co-founder and member of the seminal all-female band Allun.

She was also a member of Rosas Y Tulipanes duo along with Luca Pagani, guitarist of the alternative rock back Viclarsen.

She collaborates with Luca Sigurtà in the highly experimental project Macaya, and with Tommaso Rolando and Marco Ravera, guitarist and double bass player of the acclaimed jazz/fusion band Calomito, in the impro/jazzy combo Toba.

Recently she also started a collaboration with drummer/experimentalist Stefano Giust giving life to the Camusi duo.

A few self-released EPs and a long series of successful concerts rapidly brought her among the most promising female italian acts.

Her "official" debut album was released in Germany by Cold Coffeine Addict in November 2005. A live album entitled "Spellbound" was released in late 2006 on the british label Curor Recordings. A live collaboration with noisers Bjerga / Iversen entitled "Broken English" was also published in Spring 2007 by Ambolthue Records in Norway.

Her live sets are focused on the wide range of her vocal techniques: she experiments with her voice sampling it in real time, feeding the result through various effect units along with contact microphones and other minimal electronic devices.

"April's Fool", a noisy collaboration with The Afeman was released by Afe in April 2006.

"Journey Through the Shadow of Sun", a drone / ambient rework of Madame P's vocal track "Ombra di sole" made by The Afeman, was also released on Afe in April 2007.