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parallel: four textures

  Artist: Parallel
Title: Four Textures
Format: MiniCD-R 3" ltd. to 50 numbered copies in standard mini jewel case with full color printed artwork
Tracks: 4
Playing time: 15:57
Release date: October 2001
File under: Rhythmic Gravel Propulsion


Track List:

1.  Gneiss  3:24

2.  Poikilitic  4:44

3.  Scoria  4:03

4.  Diabase  3:44



Four abstract textures from the makers of one of the
best contributions to the "Teddy Bear Remix Project".

Electronic scoriae that move across the stereo spectrum encompassing the listener like siliceous organisms spreading disturbing sonic clusters of unknown nature.

"Cagliature digitali, collosi conati ritmici elettro-acustici, inane melodie bavose"
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