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Enter the Realm of the Spiral

Releases on Afe:
In the Realm of the Spiral [afe026cd]
In the Realm of the Spiral [afe026lcd]
Une Spiral de Violence [afe50009]
Maximum Result / Minimum Effort [afe50015]
New Music for the Dream Machine [éco001cd]

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Spiral is the Word.

Spiral is the very essence of things slipping away.

Spiral is medias.

Spiral is the images riding across your TV screens.

Spiral is wedge.

Spiral is ART.

Spiral is vent.

Spiral is Vain.

Spiral is useless.

Spiral researches the maximum result by the minimum effort.

Spiral does not give explanations.

Spiral is the past.

Spiral is the future.

Spiral is History repeating itself.

Spiral is the Alpha and the Omega.

Spiral is the street singer of the third millenium with one foot in the second and one foot in the fourth.

Spiral is the folk tradition renowning.

Spiral is to build.

Spiral is to destroy.

Spiral is to recycle.

Spiral is recycled.

Spiral is wanted.

Spiral is public enemy #1.

Spiral is both the thief and the robbed one.

Spiral is strong.

Spiral is frightened.

Spiral is the unwilling conscience.

Spiral is the ink on a paper sheet.

Spiral is the bug in the latest system.

Spiral is worthless ideas.

Spiral instigates masses.

Spiral throws the stone then hides his hand.

Spiral rapes women and beat children.