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spiral: une spiral de violence

  Artist: Spiral
: Une Spiral De Violence
Format: CD-R ltd. to 50 numbered copies in transparent jewel case with pro-printed artwork + sticker

Tracks: 7
Playing time: 52:35
Release date: March 2003
File under: Dada / Audio Vérité


Track List:

1.  A Bout de Souffle  2:03

2.  Au Nom de la Loi / Tout Va Bien   4:02

3.  Le Plus Beau Jour de Ma Vie  9:41

Le Temps de Souvenirs  16:01

5.  Tout le Garçons et les Filles  7:32

6.  Le Temps de Souvenirs [Final]  0:57

7.  Une Spiral de Violence / En Silence  12:17



Both the artwork and the tracks on "Une Spiral de Violence" were produced by Spiral using only audio / video material broadcasted by european TVs during the infamous days of the G8 meeting held in Genova, Italy, in July 2001.

All source material was archived on VHS tape and was submitted to the Spiral treatment exactly one year later.