Afe [news archive 2002]

October 22nd, 2002

Well, we have never been so busy as in the last months and it looks like we won't sleep much in the near future...

Wolkspurz & Ramirez's "Teddy Bear Remix Project" is still getting enthusiast feedback all over the planet... Exclusive mp3-only remixes by Norm and Sparkle In Grey will be available here soon. Hurry up if you don't want to miss the last copies of this magic box-set.

All the discs released in September are getting full exposure: Dronament's "Yr" is going to be sold out soon... Blade Records has already finished copies on pre-orders... Nat Evans's "Post Modern Sound Images" is also getting positive feedback. Nat is in China studying chinese music at the moment, we truly hope to work again with him in the future. Along with "Pilgrimini" Andréas Marchal a.k.a. Peter Percept a.k.a. Autistre a.k.a. Captain Stéphanie (...and who knows what else...) has another album out on Mouthmoth, check it out now. Nimh's "Frozen" is also enjoying the good company of the "Lanna Memories" 3" MiniCD-R which was released a few weeks ago on Taâlem.

Mouthmoth has also released the new Frog Pocket CD-R album entitled "Baral Orgen": a wealth of magical splatterbeat folk electronica. Great stuff ! 

At last we have received all the contributes for the "No Abiding Places" dark ambient compilation. The master will be prepared very soon so that the disc may hopefully be released before the end of November. The new Raffaele Serra CD-R album entitled "Europe Endless" is also going to be finalized soon. Stay tuned for more news and mp3s.

The artworks for Telepherique's "Hörspiele" CD-R and for Normality / Edge's "Inner Photographs" 5xCD-Rs monster box-set are about to be finished too. These releases should be out on Christmas Day...

We are a bit late on Rensek's debut EP, it should be released sometimes soon along with Spiral's "Une Spiral De Violence"... In the meantime there's a lot of work going on some Kabal / Elephant Zyclus remixes, the list of remixers is still top secret at the moment but we hope to unveil it soon.

We were supposed to release Moan's "Between / Associated" new CD-R album in October but we are receiving no news from him: Rafal, is everything OK? We need the graphics! Anyway, a lot of other releases are already planned for early 2003 including albums by Bestia Centauri, Mindmap, Gerstein and more...

Sometimes In 2003 Afe will also release its very first CD in collaboration with Eibon Records: it will be a double-CD set containing Amon's first untitled album (originally published by Murder Release back in 1996) + a repressing of the "Mer" CD-R released in 2000 by Blade Records. The discs will contain bonus tracks, new graphics and package. 

The quality of the demos we receive is impressing. Our favourite at the moment is "Digital Butter" by The Impossible Flower, we hope to listen more from him soon. Nicola Ratti, member of the jazzcore trio Pin Pin Sugar has also given us a taste of his beautiful and delicate acoustic guitar experiments: is he going to be our Vincent Gallo?

Hue is working hard on the new Afe website which will be launched on New Year's Day, you'll be amazed...