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Releases on Afe:
Plochy [afe047lcd]
mindMap / A.A.V.V.: Plochy Remixed [afe074mp3]

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Purveyors of delightful Ambient-Electronica / Downtempo, Emil Mat'ko and Igor Iliaš both originate from Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.

As a common ambition of two young people involved in alternative music, one as a fan of Dark Ambient / Noise and former guitar player in a Rock band, the other interested in listening and programming a wide range of Electronica, in year 2000 they decided to get together and produce Ambient tracks with the mindMap project.

After a few meetings they started working on "Faces", their first demo, with the unvaluable support of Peter G. Hawkens. Due to the positive reactions that "Faces" received in the Slovak and Czech electronic scene they had the chance to present their music in a live situation.

One of their first gigs was recorded and later released as a second demo entitled "Live:Subterra" on Emil's own label, Black Orchid. This release showcased in full their approach to the electronic sound and the shape of things to come.

Searching for a way to enrich their live-act, mindMap found precious collaboration in vocalist Dana Mazalová, formerly a folk singer. Her arrival was very important in the economy of mindMap's music, and as the band was getting more and more experienced with new music software and hardware, new stunning tracks were recorded.

Here at Afe we got incredibly impressed by their music and decided to release "Plochy", their first official CD-R album, in March 2003.

Shortly after, a mindMap track was included on a compilation released by EE Tapes in Belgium. The band also appearead on many other Chill-Out / Downtempo compilations including "Megasoft Office 2005".

Their second full-lenght CD, entitled "Gran-ahua" was released in Slovakia on Ambsine in September 2005.

Sadly the band was disbanded in 2007... "Plochy" was one of our favorite Afe releases ever and we thought it deserved a remix treament: "Plochy Remixed" was released in April 2009 as a free downloadable Mp3 album, it includes remixes by a034, Abuse, Eau de Toilette, Florian Filsinger, Leeza, ReturnSixteen Skycode 11 and Riga. Download page is available here.