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amon: foundation


Artist: Amon
Title: Foundation
Format: 2xCD in gatefold heavy cardboard digisleeve with inner sleeves
Tracks: 6 + 6
Playing time: 66:54 + 63:19
Release date: April 2005
File under: Experimental

Track List:

disc 1

1.  Prepare to Leave  7:43

2.  Uhura Photons   6:04

3.  Time is Waiting   9:53

4.  Mopula   16:25

5.  Tanit Zerga   12:00

6.  Hiram Roi   14:50

disc 2

1.  Foundation   7:34

2.  Osirion   12:02

3.  Secret Chamber   11:24

4.  Lost   8:55

5.  Darkside Return II   7:32

6.  Gateway   15:49



"Foundation" is an Eibon Records / Afe co-production that comes in the form of two full-lenght CDs packaged in a beautifully designed heavy cardboard sleeve.

It features most of the tracks originally contained on the first untitled Amon album which was out on Murder Release in 1996, the whole "Mer" limited edition CD-R released by Blade Records in 2000, and a few unreleased/rare bonus tracks.

Popular demand for a "Mer" second edition has always been high, and five years later from its original release it's time to make it available to the public again along with an improved version of the untitled Amon debut CD.

All the tracks on "Foundation" were performed and recorded by Andrea Marutti between September 1995 and April 2000 at Lips Vago Digital Studio and were fully remastered and post-produced on purpose of this release.

"Foundation", the title track, was sourced from a Memory Moog improvisation played by Riccardo Marmugi.

"Prepare to Leave" was originally released by Eibon Records on the "Dissolution Fahrenheit" CD compilation back in 1997.

"I think I can see them now: people in the immediate future, reviewing this double set just after it's out and writing down dark ambient as if it was the most proper thing to do. I can see them now, settling for the easiest explanation, classifying and taxonomizing, the you-know-what of simple references and shiny truth-skipping.

But you know what: the first disc preview went on and on, it was late at night, I was standing at the window, looking outside: tiny distant stars and the darkest still shape of the hill guarding the valley below: there was a huge, shiny grey cloud swallowing half of the landscape: it looked exactly as a spaceship made of fog.

And it was so damn perfect, with Amon trademarks sounds and scapes eating the whole of my ears: and it struck me: I thought: how about spaceships made of sound? Damn, the man who played these tracks knew exactly what he was doing!

The fact being: disc one will bring you way afar, lead you astray onto a cosmic derive: by the end of it, you'll find yourself two-points shot from Andromeda: and depending on your mood disc two could either push you further onto black hole regions or bring you unsafely back home should you really desire it.

The box-shaped ticket you're about to buy will grant over two hours of deep space travel at a time: and you will use it as long as needed, back and back again. No money-back guarantee here: you won't be needing them among asteroid belts and comet tails.

Space is just a press play away. Consider yourself warned."*

*Words by Paolo Ippoliti

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