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amon: foundation

chain d.l.k. []
webzine, italy, june 2005

Andrea Marutti (Amon/Never Known) has never been particularly prolific, wisely focusing on quality rather than quantity.

So, while waiting for a brand new Amon disc after the "Nona" EP on Amplexus, here is a much welcome re-release of works from 1995 to 2000.

Included in the two CDs are the eponymous debut on Murder Release (1996), the contribution to the "Dissolution Fahrenheit" sampler (1997), and the ltd. edition CD-R "Mer" (Blade Records, 2000), all sold out long ago.

This is 100% Amon-style dark ambient, as in the masterpiece "The Legacy": majestic, claustrophobic yet "spacey" (in a Lovecraftian sense) drones full of crawling bass frequencies and metallic reverberations.

Catacombs and alien civilizations have alway been Amon's graphic and conceptual extremes, and his pieces do evoke both.

Get this and learn why this project has gained a cult status among ambient-industrial aficionados.

[Eugenio Maggi]