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amon: foundation

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website, usa, april 2009

The essential Amon material and the ultimate collection of sonic-subterranean electronic drone rituals. "Foundation" is released as a double album. The first chapter includes early materials and the second chapter is a collection of later materials taken from "Mer". In this review, my attention is focused on the first chapter.

The sound materials selected for the occasion features stunningly conceptualised organic drones suspended on a blackened chaosmic surface. With voluptuous spherical sounds and static electronic textures "Prepare To Leave" rises from the dark abyss. Emptiness is real, the abyss is under our feet and the chaos is upon your head. Ghosts and ancient deities seem to surround us in a somnabulic carnival.

Uhura Photons" is nightmarish, densely burgeonning dronescape which includes an amalgam of dissonant / consonant electronic vibes. It seems to resonate in a blackened cosmic whole. "Time Is Waiting" is made of intwined linear buzz with crescendo and creeping echoing noises. "Mopula" is a cerebral-paranormal electronic soundscape that is delicately floating in deep astral space. A personal favourite, beautiful eerie ambiences to relax and to meditate on the ruins of metaphysical time. "Tanit Zerga" provides a low-fi timbral drone progressively covered by abstract electronic scintillations. A very immersive, static and low environmental piece. The album closes with a majestic crepuscular, monotonous electronic epic which includes subtle sonic minimal melodies.

Highly recommended and a legitimate introduction to Amon's typical musical world.

[Philippe Blache]