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true colour of blood: (absence)

  Artist: True Colour Of Blood
Title: (Absence)
Format: CD in standard jewel case with white tray
Tracks: 8
Playing time: 65:22
Release date: July 2003
File under: Dark Ambient

Track List:

1.  Oracles of a Dead King  10:55

2.  Non Ens  8:40

3.  The Secret Doctrine  5:05

4.  Close Your Eyes and It Appears  8:08

5.  Anamorphoris  4:24

6.  (Absence)  11:11

7.  My Favourite Streetlight  4:44

8.  Last Day On Earth  12:13



When we think about "guitar players", we are misled by
the very traditional concept of the "rock" guitarist
playing riffs and solos... Wrong!

There is a parallel universe where talented musicians like Eric Kesner use guitars (and nothing else...) to build dense and flowing streams of sound.

Dark Ambient of the finest kind, where monstrously dark drones meet touching melodies; music that will project you into an unknown universe of reverberating sound-layers...

This is the very first Afe regular CD and is released in collaboration with Eibon Records.

"Kesner's work here represents a continuum of enigmatic pieces out of the Dark Ambient realm"
Stars End [more]

"A brilliant work with mystical properties and one of the best releases of the year"
Ambient.us [more]

"(Absence)" is a mature and involving work that captivates and invokes a deep and reflective beauty"
Static Signals [more]

"Quality work by an intriguing new artist"
The Ambient Review [more]

"The fact that Eric Kesner creates all his soundscapes with guitar is amazing"
Cornerstone [more]

"There is a hazy stillness and guarded passivity to the tracks, as if staring out into a grey landscape waiting for something to appear on the horizon"
Worm Gear [more]

"Questa è musica da assaporare in ogni dettaglio, da apprezzare corpo a corpo"
Kronic.it [more]

"Eric Kesner è in grado di muoversi con le proprie gambe per creare drones dalla pronunciata spazialità, ricchi di soluzioni armoniche avvolgenti e invidiabili anche per la qualità tecnica del suono"
Sound and Silence [more]

"In questo immaginifico viaggio sembra di immergersi nella cupa e trascendentale spazialità della più classica e perturbante dark-ambient. Cosa che a Lustmord non riesce più di fare da anni"
Blow Up [more]

"Dark-ambient perfection. Excellent and perfect"
Manifold [more]

"...il suono sembra provenire da un oscuro buco profondo, dove tutto sembra muoversi con lentezza..."
Herz Und Geist [more]