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true colour of blood: (absence)

cornerstone []
webzine, usa, october 2003

This is the fourth release from Eric Kesner’s guitar based, dark-ambient project, True Colour of Blood, and easily the most mature of all. The fact that Kesner creates all his soundscapes with guitar is amazing, but his work survives this novelty. It is haunting and chilling, peaceful and mesmerizing.

"(Absence)" is the most completely realized of all TCOB’s CDs. Each piece is seemingly simple in its individual sound, yet extremely complex in composition upon closer listen. "The Secret Doctrine" and "(Absence)"are prime examples of this: shimmering clouds of sound mixed with the tension of minor chords.

While maybe not the best music to have playing in the background (you may forget it’s on during "Close Your Eyes and It Appears"), it is excellent for personal devotions or just reading. It also makes iTunes’ Visualizer do really cool things. ;^)

Highly recommended for fans of ambient music!

[Don Hill]