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true colour of blood: (absence)

manifold []
mail order, usa, 2003

Dark-ambient perfection; this is one of those discs I cannot recommend to you enough! Was i right about Sleep Research Facility, Ruhr Hunter, Aarktika? Yup, and here's the next brick in that particular wall.

The rare work of true Isolationism, a sound that cuts through pretension and style and just delivers you right into the heart of something otherworldly. The spacious gloom of Lustmord, the vast, galaxy-dwelling sorrow Robert Rich, all filtered through the gaze of a new and similarly gifted creator who seeks his own path. (Absence) offers all that.

The real surprise here is how occasionally some light, innocent sound rises out of a deepening darkness, a section of sound that is seeming to revolve into melancholy but a natural beauty starts to rise and take it into somewhere else.

True Color Of Blood isn't afraid to try that, to change the emotion of a piece slowly, and it works, it makes all of this somehow different than comparable projects like Lull or Koner, which are just relentless in their feel, their emotion, they stick to one throughout a track and never get distracted.

This one likes to change its mind, without actually changing the scene. You just want to put this one on, turn down the lights and listen. Eight panel booklet with appropriately oblique photographs.

Excellent and perfect.