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true colour of blood: (absence)

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webzine, usa, september 2003

True Color of Blood is the project name of sound explorer Eric Kesner. Using only guitar and effects (incredibly, no synths!) he has created a stimulating, visionary new album.

The music is transportive and emotional darker abstract minimalism. Through his guitar alchemy he can make exciting sounds the listener has never heard before. The textures and timbres are innovative and enticing.

In "Oracles for a Dead King" dark drones and overtones give the listener a glimpse into distant worlds and lost kingdoms in other dimensions. Next is "Non Ens" where long slow tones rise and fall like winds on a far off planet.

Track 3 "The Secret Doctrine" is an ominous, slowly mutating low frequency exploration. "Close Your Eyes And It Appears" follows, evoking a shadowy vision on the fringes of reality.

Track 5 is next with chilly metallic swells and a feeling of transition. The title track "(absence)" follows with crystal drones arcing across a vast gulf. In Track 7 "My Favorite Streetlight" there is a feeling of peacefulness and arrival.

The final track "Last Day On Earth" is a spiral of menacing drones and disquieting stirrings. After a few moments of silence, the CD ends brilliantly with a "secret track". It's a bit of beautiful conventional guitar for an epilogue, as if to let the listener know it's alright, that although there is darkness in the world light will prevail.

This CD takes the listener on a marvellous journey to the farthest reaches of inner and outer space. It's a brilliant work with mystical properties and one of the best releases of the year!

[Dodds Wiley]