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frog pocket: caric kils

  Artist: Frog Pocket
: Caric Kils
Format: CD-R ltd. to 150 numbered copies in pro-printed gatefold cardboard sleeve
Tracks: 8
Playing time: 40:40
Release date: February 2002
File under: Weird Electronica
Note: This item is sold out.


Track List:

1.  Fir Faas  3:03

2.  Underwood Ladykirk  3:33

3.  Ersweet  5:42

4.  My Little Friend  6:24

5.  Felix Kubin  3:42

6.  Syml Fetlar  2:26

7.  Come On the Arches!  7:11

8.  Eye Beby Y Ben II  8:36



It's time to add another chapter in the Frog Pocket story as his fourth full lenght album comes in the shape of an Afe / Mouthmoth co-production.

This time Sir John Charles Wilson from Ayr (Ayrshire, Scotland) manages to control his wildest instincts and delivers us his most relaxed and mature work.

His unique "broken beats" technique has reached the state of the art while beautiful guitar melodies and ambient moments are ideal counterparts. A fiddle appears each now and then bringing in the joy and sadness of traditional scottish music.

Weird as usual, but in a class of its own.

"Frog Pocket deliver a tender forty minute selection of soft, meandering electronica, peppered with strange accents and peculiar instrumentation"
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"An unusual and invigorating album"
Ampersand Etcetera [more]

"Frog Pocket spews out another collection of off-beat off-kilter wibbles and squelches"
Jockrock [more]

"Electronic carillons for ill-minded children"
Drive Magazine [more]

"Frog Pocket comes close to Accelera Deck, let's hope he will get the same name fame"
Vital Weekly [more]

"Low-fi dark indie rock?"
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